发案率 incidence (of criminal cases)
法人股 corporate shares
发烧友 fancier; zealot; enthusiastic fan
发展不平衡 disparate development
发展是硬道理 Development is of overriding importance. / Development is the absolute need.
法治国家 a country under the rule of law
法制国家 a state with an adequate legal system
反败为胜 "bring about a complete turnabout, pull out of the fire"
反不正当竞争法 Law of the People's Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means
反弹道导弹条约 Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM)
反腐倡廉 combat corruption and build a clean government
翻两番 quadruple
反倾销措施 anti-dumping measures against …
汎士通轮胎 Firestone tires
防抱死系统 ABS (anti-lock braking system)
房产估价师 real estate evaluator
房产证 property ownership certificate
防盗门 burglarproof door; antitheft door
放高球 lob
房管 real estate management
防洪工程 flood-prevention project
房权证 property right certificate
访谈式竞选 (候选人在电视访谈节目中亮相进行的竞选) talk-show campaign
防伪标志 anti-fake label
放下架子 to relinguish haughty airs; to get off one's high horse; throw off one's airs
放行单 release permit
非对称数字用户环路 Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL)
费改税 transform administrative fees into taxes
飞毛腿(导弹) Scud missile
非配额产品 quota-free products
非商标(非专利)产品 generic products
飞行药检 spot check
非洲、加勒比和太平洋国家集团(洛美协定) ACP(African, Caribbean and Pacific Group)
分拆上市 A subsidiary company of a corporation is listed on the stock market.
粉领族 "pink-collar tribe (Women who play major role in certain professions such as office workers, secretaries, models, airline hostesses, etc)"
分流 reposition of redundant personnel
分期付款 installment payment
分税制 system of tax distribution
(产品)分销 "subunderwriting, distribution"
分业经营 divided operation/ management
封闭式基金 close-ended fund
锋利扣杀 razor-sharp smash
疯牛病 mad cow disease; bovine spongiform enceohalopathy (BSE)
封杀出局 force out
封圣 "canonization of ""Saints"""
风险基金 VC funds
风险投资 venture capital; risk investment
风险准备金 loan loss provision, provisions of risk
浮动工资 floating wages; fluctuating wages
覆盖率 coverage rate
复合型人才 inter-disciplinary talent
附加意外险 supplemental accident insurance
福利彩票 welfare lotteries
福利分房 welfare-oriented public housing distribution system
扶贫 poverty alleviation
扶贫办公室 Poverty Relief Office
《浮士德》 Faust
复式住宅 duplex apartment; compound apartment (a type of residential housing that maximizes usable space by increasing the number of the storey building)