擦边球 "edge ball, touch ball"
擦网球 net ball
菜篮子工程 shopping basket program
菜鸟,新手 green hand
采取措施后 ex post
采取措施前 ex ante
采取高姿态 show magnanimity
财政收入 fiscal revenue
参拜靖国神社 visit to the Yasukuni war shrine
参股公司 joint stock company
参股者 equity participant
参政、议政 participate in the management of State affairs
仓储式超市 stockroom-style supermarket
草根工业 grass root industry (refers to village and township enterprises which take root among farmers and grow like wold grass)
层层转包和违法分保 multi-level contracting and illegal sub-contracting
茶道 sado
差额拨款 balance allocation
差额投票 differentail voting
差额选举 competitive election
查房 make/go the rounds of the wards
刹住大吃大喝、公费旅游、铺张浪费的奢侈之风 put a stop to extravagance and waste (wining and dining of official guests,touring the country at public exenses)
拆东墙补西墙 rob Peter to pay Paul
拆迁户 households or units relocated due to building demolition
产粮大省 granary province
产品结构 product mix
产品科技含量 technological element of a product
产品生命周期分析 LCA (Life Cycle Analysis)
产权明晰、权责明确、政企分开、科学管理 "clearly established ownership, well defined power and responsibility, separation of enterprise from administration, and scientific management "
产权制度、产权关系 property relations; property order
搀水股票 water-down stocks (ordinary stocks that can be bought by persons inside a stock company or a business at a cost lower that their face value)
产销直接挂钩 directly link production with marketing
产业的升级换代 upgrading of industies
产业结构升级 upgrading of an industrial structure
敞蓬轿车 open-topped limousine
长二捆 LM-2E
唱高调 mouth high-sounding words
长江三角洲 Yangtze River delta
长江中下游 the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River
长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣辱与共 "long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, sincere treatment with each other and the sharing of weal or woe "
畅通工程 Smooth Traffic Project
长途电话 distant calls
常务理事 executive member of the council
长线产品 product in excessive supply
超高速巨型计算机 giant ultra-high-speed computer
超前消费 "pre-mature consumption, overconsuming, excessive consumption "
炒作 speculation (stock); sensationalization (news)
彻头彻尾的反动政治势力 an out and out reactionary political force
尘云 dust clouds
承包 contract with
成份指数 component index
成吉思汗 Genghis Khan
成人中等专科学校 secondary specialized /technical school for adults
城市规划 city's landscaping plan; urban planning
城市中年雅皮士 muppie (一批中年专业人士,附庸风雅,矫揉造作cutesification,崇尚竟品至上boutiqueification,攀比银行存款bankification等摆阔作风middle-aged urban yuppie缩合而成
城乡信用社 credit corroborative in both urban and rural areas
承销商 underwriter
成组技术 group technology
吃大锅饭 "egalitarian practice of ""everybody eating from the same big pot"" "
吃皇粮 "receive salaries, subsidies, or other supported from the government"
重复建设 building redundant project; duplication of similar projects
充值卡 rechargeable card
筹备委员会 preparatory committee
筹划指导委员会 steering committee
抽杀成功 hit through
筹资 raised capital/proceeds
出风头 show off;in the limelight
出家 pravrajana; cloister
出口创汇型产业 export-oriented industry
出口创汇能力 capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports
出口加工区 export processing zones
出口卖方信贷 seller's credit on exports
出口退税制度 the system of refunding taxes on exported goods; export (tax) rebate
出口押汇 bill purchased (B/P); outward documentary bill
出口转内销 domestic sales of commodities orginally produced for exports
出气筒 punching bag
船务公司 shipping service company
传销 pyramid selling;multi-level marketing
创建卫生城市 build a nationally advanced clean city
窗口行业 various service trades
创业园 high-tech business incubator; pioneer park
吹风会 (advanced) briefing
春蕾计划 Spring Buds Program
《春秋》 Spring and Autumn Annals
春运 (passenger) transport during the Spring Festival
此地无银三百两 A guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence.
辞旧迎新 bid farewell to the old and usher in the new; ring out the old year and ring in the new
次新股 sub-new stock
磁悬浮列车 "Maglev train (magnetically levitated train), magnetic suspension train "
从粗放经济转变为集约经济 shift from extensive economy to intensive economy
粗放经营 extensive operation
粗放式管理 extensive management
促进全球经济一体化 foster integration with the global economy
存款保证金 guaranty money for deposits
存款单 Certificates of Deposits
存款准备金制度 reserve against deposit system