【learn language tips between Chinese and English】



English speaking countries have special ways for their expressions,
and then the misunderstanding would appear to the "unspeaking English people"...

Click for enjoying yourself! And be careful to deal with them.

Black and white Black box
Bob's your uncle Bouncing baby
Brass ring

Bring and Take

Bears and bulls Burn the candle at both ends

By and large

Close to the vest Cold turkey
Come-to-Jesus meeting Do you know the meaning of "Blue"
Ecology Feet of clay
First lady Fit as a fiddle
Forerunner Generation X
Give your eyeteeth for ... (Give your eye's teeth for ...) Go south / Head south
Go for it Gravy train
Hand over fist Happy as a clam
Hello,“Hey” Indian Summer
Journey Jumping the broom
Kick the bucket Knock on wood
Mad as a hatter Make no bones
Miss, Mrs. and Ms Moonshine
Neck of the woods Nose to the grindstone
On and off the wagon Out of pocket
Pig in a poke Pin money
Raining cats and dogs Red-letter day
Redneck Riot act
Round robin Run of the mill
Seed and love (tennis) Shoestring
Sleep tight The(A) hair of the dog (that bit you)
Think tank Till death do us part
Whipping boy With bells on
Word up!

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