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vermen (n)


A hillbilly; a dirty person who watches NASCAR and lives in a trailer. That bar was full of vermen. [Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH]

vexed (adj)


Angry and upset; used when someone upsets you. I was so vexed when he cheated on me. [University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 1999] (Judi's note: This is slang because?)

vicid (adj)


Cute, pretty, or nice. That new girl, Celia, is vicid; you should ask her out. [Wayne State University, Detroit, MI]

victimize (v)


To drive around in a car and when you see someone on the street or side walk, you roll down the window and yell something at them, usually something funny or an inside joke they won't understand. Look at that dude! Roll down the window and victimize him. [College of DuPage, Glenn Ellen, IL, 1998]

vid (n)


A notable or somehow striking image or memory of an image. I got a vid of you falling down the steps! [Williams College, Williamstown, MA]

vitals (n)


All the critical information on a certain person, place, thing, idea, or event. Yo, can you give me the vitals on Jims party? [Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 1998]

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