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obese (adj)


Very phat; extremely cool. That movie was obese! [University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX]

O.E. (n)


Short for the Old English 40oz beer. Can I get anotha O.E.? [University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, 1998]

off the chain (adj)


1. Crazy; wild. The party was off the chain. 2. Willing to do whatever. That girl is off the chain tonight! [Florida A&T University, Tallahassee, FL, 1998]

off the hezy (off da heazy) (adj)


Very good; very cool. Those shoes are off the hezy. [University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1999; Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC]

off the (da) hook (adj)


Great; extremely fun. The party last night was off the hook! [North Carolina A & T State University, Greensboro, NC, 1998; University of North Carolina-Greenville, Greenville, NC, 1998; Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, 1998; Lincoln University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, 1998; Union College, Barbourville, KY, 1999; Bowie State University, Bowie, MD; Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA, 1997]

offie (n)


A slow, stupid person who is always off the subject; a loser. Jovon, don't talk to him; he is an offie. [Hartford College, Hartford, CT, 1998]

oft (adj)


Angry; pissed; in a bad mood. My parents are going to be oft when they see my grades. [University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1998]

oh my gooshness (int)


Expression of surprise. Oh my gooshness; he's all that! [Illinois State University, Normal, Illinios 1998]

old skool (school) (adj)


Hip; very cool; in style. I got that old skool flava. [Columbia, NYU, New York, NY, 1998]

ol' E. (n)


Old English 800 Malt Liquor, in the 40. [Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI; Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA, 1997]

on a million dollar hunt (phr)


In pursuit of acquiring more money. Don't bother me now; I'm on a million dollar hunt. [Texas Southern University, Houston, TX, 1998]

on a paper chase (phr)


In pursuit of acquiring more money. Don't bother me now; I'm on a paper chase. [Texas Southern University, Houston, TX, 1998]

on and poppin' (adj)


Very good; excellent; happening; fun; hype. The Alpha Phi Alpha parties @ U.W.A be on and poppin'. [University of West Alabama, Livingston, AL, 1999]

on da wires (phr)


1. Speaking on the phone to a person.   I'm on da wires with Irene right now. 2. Signed onto the internet by means of a modem. I was on da wires for six hours yesterday looking for information. [Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY]

on one's (the) rag (phr)


Having one's menstrual period. Yo I'm not in the mood; I am on my rag. [University of Waterloo, Toronto, Canada, 1998]

on the slab (adj)


Attractive; good-looking. Doug's car is on the slab! [Texas Southern University, Houston, TX, 1998]

1-time (n)


Police officer. Uh oh, there go a 1-time across da street! [St. Philips College, San Antonio, TX, 1998; San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, 1998]

ooohhh ok (int)


Sure, whatever (sarcastically spoken). We're just going to stay home? Ooohhh ok. [St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA]

open a can of whoop ass (v)


To fight; to beat someone up. Mike Tyson opened a can of whoop ass when he got in the ring with Foreman. [James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, 1998; [Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada, 1998]

ouish, struglin' (phr)


Lacking in skills; not quite up to par. I'm ouish, struglin' in that class. [Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA]

out of pocket (outta pocket) (adj)


Crazy; off; not right in the head.  That girl is outta pocket. [Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

out-the-gate (adj)


Unbelievable; ridiculous. You're going to cut your hair? That's out-the-gate! [Buffalo College, Buffalo, NY]

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