International Left-hander's Day 国际左撇子节 (八月十三日)

August 13 (Universally)


What do tennis player Goran Ivanisevic and songwriter Paul McCartney have in common with (与……有共同之处) Fidel Castro ?

Along with (与……一起)10 percent of the world's population they are left-handed, according to Lauren Milsom, organiser of Monday's Left-Handers Day 2001 on August 13, 2001."It is well-known that a lot of creative people were left-handed," Milsom said. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Jimi Hendrix and Pablo Picasso are all among them, she added.

This special day was first declared and celebrated on Friday, August 13, 1976 by an organization called Lefthanders International. They chose to open their business on that day to address the myths (荒诞说法) and misconceptions (误解) about left-handers. They published a magazine for left-handers and they sold left-handed products for more than twenty years before going out of business (停业) a few years ago. The holiday is celebrated annually on the 13th of August.

But Left-Handers Day is not merely a celebration of the creative superiority of lefties (左撇子), it also aims at (目的在于) raising awareness of the difficulties presented by (带来) a right-handed world. This is a day for left-handers to show their pride and pay tribute to (歌颂,赞美) famous left-handers past and present, including some of our greatest artists, athletes and entertainers. Furthermore, this day is to praise the creativity and talents of those left-handers who are less famous but equally productive members of our society."

Left-Handers Day, featuring a recital (独奏音乐会) by a left-handed concert pianist on his left-handed piano, also served to highlight (使突出) the dangers left-handers faced when using power tools (电动工具) in the home, Milsom said.