Salzburg (Austria)


The hills are alive with the sound of tourists in Salzburg, known to the world for its musical legacies and legends. The hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (奥地利著名作曲家) and the setting for the beloved Julie Andrews musical (音乐片) about the singing von Trapp family (音乐片《音乐之声》里的一家人), Salzburg is a lyrically (抒情地,极热情地) lovely city on the Salzach River.

Salzburg, a city of 145,000 near the German border, has many nicknames (绰号,浑名), among them "Festival City," so-called for the world-famous summer Salzburg International Festival (of music); and "The Golden City of High-Baroque (注重装饰和新奇怪异的巴罗克艺术风格)," a title earned by the city's wealth of Baroque architecture.

Landmarks for both Mozart and the movie musical are swarmed (挤满;群集) by tourists year-round. Pop a chocolatey "Mozart Kugeln (一种称做Mozart Kugeln的巧克力)" in your mouth before strolling the Mozartplatz (莫扎特广场), a city square named for Salzburg's favorite son, where street musicians often play his music. Then tour such sites as Mozart's Birthplace and his Residence, or visit exhibits like the multi-media Mozart Audio and Video Museum.

Salzburg has made its fortune from the likes of Mozart and the movie musical, yet it's intriguing (有趣的,有魅力的) to note that the locals were late-comers to their praise. Only after Mozart's death was he recognized as a hometown treasure (many of his peers saw the brash (傲慢的,目中无人的) composer as a spoiled brat (宠坏了的孩子), and "The Sound of Music," despite having been filmed here in 1964, flopped (拍动,拍手) with a decidedly unmelodious thud (不悦耳的拍击声) when it opened in Salzburg. Perhaps the locals didn't need to see the sights on film when the real thing was just outside the theater doors.