Genoa (Italy)


Genoa (or Genova) is the hometown of Christopher Columbus(克里斯多弗-哥伦布), and one of Italy's classic seaports. The city is centrally located in northwest Italy's Liguria Region (利吉里亚区), which curves around (环绕) the Gulf of Genoa's north shore.

Genoa has suffered economic decline recently, but the city has a grand cultural heritage(文化遗产). It's streets are filled with medieval cathedrals, glorious palaces, and Renaissance fountains(文艺复兴时代建的喷泉).

Since the 13th century, Genoa's economy has centered around the port, Italy's largest in terms of water surface area. Now, in addition to shipping and freight transfer(货运), metallurgy(冶金), food processing, and tourism employ many of the city's 760,000 residents.

Visitors are attracted by Genoa's port city character, its art treasures, and nearby beach resorts. Popular local festivals include a variety of regattas(赛船大会), an international boat show in the fall, and the Niccolo Paganini Pemio di Violino competition(以意大利著名小提琴家帕格尼尼命名的小提琴演奏比赛), named for another of Genoa's favorite sons.