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C a i r n s ( A u s t r a l i a ) YES!

Cairns (Australia)

Cairns(凯恩斯) is surrounded on three sides by rainforest and on the fourth by the Coral Sea(珊瑚海), and it's the jumping off point to the Great Barrier Reef (大堡礁)and the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest. It is in northern Queensland, the place that dubs itself(自己戏称自己) the Sunshine State. So perhaps the Cairns Web site that declares "Welcome to Paradise" isn't too far off base.

Some details: Much of the natural world surrounding Cairns is dense and diverse. The Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest was set aside as a world heritage area for its scientific and cultural importance and its natural beauty. The hundreds of miles of rainforest contains the most complete and diverse record of plant evolution. It is home to dozens of rare or unique plant and animal species.

The forest has also been home to aboriginals(澳大利亚土著居民) for tens of thousands of years. Aboriginal and Torres Straight(托雷斯海峡) Islanders culture has been captured in part for the tourist trade. You can take in the Aboriginal Dance Theatre, learn how to throw a boomerang or spend days in the forest with an aboriginal guide.