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Enterprise in a Nutshell


Enterprise takes place 150 years from today (before the Prime Directive and formation of the Federation), on the first starship Enterprise.

Starfleet has made the Warp Drive reality, allowing humans unprecedented speed—Warp 5! (The Vulcans had supposedly withheld important information.) The crew is a bunch of “gritty” explorers who are excited about making “First Contact.” In their travels, they’re thrown into encounters with Klingons, Andorians and a temporal cold war.

The technology is “primitive.” There are no voice-activated computers, no holodecks, no food replicators (just “protein resequencers”) and only a single transporter that they’re reluctant to use on humans. There are no phasers—just “phase pistols” that only “stun” or “kill.” Sensors are limited. They still use grapplers and transport pods. Having left Earth in a hurry, not all the equipment works.

Captain Jonathan Archer grew up watching his father develop the Warp Drive. He’s particularly resentful towards Vulcans because he thinks they hindered his father's success. A "hands-on" captain, he cares for his crew and is thrilled to be in space. He doesn't always follow rules or behave appropriately for a captain. His dog, Porthos, is on board.

Charles "Trip" Tucker III (Engineering Commander):He's Archer's right hand man. A "good old boy" from the south, he's emotional, which constantly puts him at odds with T'Pol. A bit of a wiseguy, he has difficulty with inter-species diplomacy.

T'Pol (Science Officer): She's second in command, allowing her a certain amount of authority. She's Vulcan, so much of the crew dislikes her. Like all Vulcans, she is devoted to what’s "logical." One of the show’s two key females, she's the one the producers included for adolescent males to drool over.

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (Tactical Officer): Enterprise' resident Brit. He's a traditional “military-type” who keeps a tight schedule. He likes everything perfect and gets annoyed with Trip's attitude. Despite his love of weapons, he's not particularly aggressive and is supposedly shy around women.

Ensign Hoshi Sato (Communications Officer): A Japanese linguistic genius, she's intense, self-critical, and easily stressed. She can't sleep if the stars travel the wrong way and worries when the ship jolts. She's also claustrophobic, making life in the EV suits difficult. With Phlox’s help, Hoshi is adjusting to space. She briefly had a pet slug named Sluggo.

Dr. Phlox (Physician): An alien from the Vulcan Interspecies Medical Exchange, he's Enterprise’s resident philosopher, physician, biologist, anthropologist...etc. He was picked somewhat haphazardly for the mission (along the lines of "you there…busy?"). His favorite part is observing humans under pressure. His medical quarters are filled with exotic specimens that help him in his duties.

Ensign Travis Mayweather (Helmsman): Travis is a "Boomer," having grown up during the space boom and was raised in space. He's more traveled than the others (except T'Pol), which puts him at an advantage, knowledge-wise.

Enterprise is the first Star Trek series not to carry the label and is the first to have a “pop”-style theme: the oft-debated Russell Watson song “Faith of the Heart.”

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