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Welcome to the gelfling's geek zone! As always, we are under construction. Hope you enjoy what's up so far! ^_^.

"Leaping in and out of new situations has taught me to be prepared for the unusual, but suddenly I had the feeling I'd left the unusual and had landed smack dab in the middle of the bizarre."

~Sam Beckett, Time Traveller

It's fun being a geek, exploring the geek universe and its realms of science fiction, fantasy, comics, movies, television, british humor and their various permutations. Here,you can delve into my personal geek universe, with my rants, rambles and the quote library that is to be the bulk of this site.

For people who would like a full and (relatively) detailed explanation of what this site is all about, who I am and how this site works, please click the following link:

Introduction and Explanation

This site is continuously growing and not everything is complete (and sadly, it won't be for a while). At the moment you can check out the link page, a couple of my rants and (at least some) of the quotes...and for people unfamiliar with the shows, books, etc. that I mention, you can find a quick summary "in a nutshell." Enjoy!

The Linkway
Rants and Raves
In a Nutshell

What's new or different since you last visited? Probably not much... Site Updates and News can be found at the following:

Site Updates and News

Have fun looking through my site! When you're done, please pop back here to let me know what you think! (You can also take part in whatever poll is going on at the moment!)