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Foxhunting may continue in Friesland

A judge from a court in Friesland decided that foxhunting may continue in the province of Friesland (North of the Netherlands). De Faunabescherming (a national anti-hunt organisation fighting most of its battles in court) had taken the province of Friesland to court to undo their decision to allow foxhunting again.

The province decided to allow foxhunting again, so ground-birds will be protected. Even though the court agrees with De Faunabescherming that the decline of ground-birds can be blamed on foxes isn't scientificly proven, the judge still said that many clues indicate that foxes are indeed to blame. Earlier, on the 14th of March 2003, another judge was of the opinion that whether or not foxes could be blamed for the decline of ground-birds, was indeed not scientificly proven and therefor decided foxhunting is prohibited in the province of Drenthe.

Since the introduction of a special bill, called the Flora and Fauna Law, on April 1st 2002, foxhunting is prohibited in the Netherlands. Ofcourse there are exceptions to the rules : if there's a good reason (like damage to crops, etc.), provinces may grant exemption. This has lead to ten of twelve provinces allowing foxhunting to continue.

(Source : De Telegraaf)