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Gutted - June 14 @ 12:53 am EST
No more rear interior, I'm gonna redo the interior with por15 after sanding everything down and cleaning it up to prevent rust from forming.

Power Steering & A/C Removal
- April 19 @ 3:35 am EST
Yeah so I removed the PS and AC from my car and its much lighter and better throttle response... and more efficient on gas... the car is also lighter feeling... and can corner slightly better. I can feel a smoother transition in turns. Check out the engine bay now... I can see the asphalt.

- April 10 @ 10:54 pm EST
So I bought a new radiator, its all metal and painted black... so far its alot better than my old oem one that was made of plastic which eventually cracks and is annoying... so yeah... also I decided not to put the carbs and on decided to sell them.

CARBS! - March 25 @ 3:57 am EST
So I got weber carbs... was very unexpected... just happened on spur of the moment cause they were really cheap. $250 for 4 carbs, 3 manifolds, 3 alternators, and other stuff. Anyway I wont put them on till I get my headers, exhaust, cams, and polish head and 5 angle valve job done along with new valve train and rebuild. Well anyway check out the pictures.

- March 17 @ 2:20 am EST
I got a new intake and it's overall much better than the restrictive stock air box. I have a much better throttle response and more torque and TVIS kicks in harder than Marc's lift (Celica GTS). Here's a pic.

Tokico Shocks
- Febuary 20 @ 5:40 pm EST
Yeah so I finally got around to installing my shocks... it was a pretty easy process. However it would've been tough without the air compressor and impact gun. But very simple. I think I'll try to get a "How To" up on this... sadly I didn't take any pictures of it. So I guess I'll take pictures next time when I get my springs. But the my review of the shocks are... they're stiff. It's alot better than riding on bottomed out shocks, but they're a bit stiff... I guess it's better that way... now I don't hop anymore at a launch... however... I do fish tail around for a bit. Overall its a good buy, a bit stiff but still good. BTW if you decide to change your shocks make sure you get an alignment afterwards.

Repair Manual
- Febuary 1 @ 4:11 pm EST
About time, I finally got my repair manual so I know what I'm doing on my car. I got it from I suggest you get one cause it has alot of information one wouldn't be able to remember off the top of their head. Like torque specs for each bolt and nut in your car, electrical wiring diagrams and etc... Also... since I got a new camera, I think I'll start taking pictures of the local car gathering I go to on Friday nights. Maybe some of you will like that.

Article Section
- January 21 @ 2:09 am EST
Excellent article for rice-boy's to read written by a good friend of mine.

Spring Leaf - January 21 @ 12:03 am EST
In Japan when you get your license for the first year you have to buy this emblem and attach it to your window or fender or somewhere visible on your car. It's magnetic or a sticky like those Garfield dolls. However the usage of this is that in Japan people are to put these on to indicate they're new to driving and to warn other drivers, however some choose to flip them upside down to state that they're expert drivers. They also have one for senior citizens which is designed as an autumn leaf. But at the moment I only have the spring leaf. You can check out what it looks like in the pictures section. None the less... I highly doubt that is true, since neither have I nor my aunt or cousins seen it before used other than for its original purpose.

Old Pics
- January 20 @ 9:11 pm EST
I found some old pictures of my car I had. Check em out in the pictures section.

- January 20 @ 8:36 pm EST
My aunt from Japan brought me a pair of JDM pants from Fukouka Japan. I think they're going to be my Dori-Zubon, check em out in the pictures section.

Battle Scars - January 20 @ 8:06 pm EST
I got two of my battle scar pics up. Check it out in the pictures section.

First Update - January 8 @ 11:23 pm EST
Welcome to my little site, this site is focused on the Corolla GTS made by Toyota in the mid 80's. As time allows I'll be updating information about my car's progress to what would be my ultimate race car.

-On November 22nd of 2002, 200+ miles from home I purchased my first car, a red 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS Liftback. She was in decent condition for a sixteen year old car with about 204,000 miles. After all the paper work, first thing I did was to go and see what she was capable of. That night was the first of many drift sessions to come.

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