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Land Of The Giants Resource
-LOTG Cast-
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Actor (Gary Conway-"Cpt. Steve Burton")

Actor (Don Marshall-"Pilot Dan Erickson")

Actor (Don Marshall-On The Set)

Actor (Don Matheson-"Mark Wilson")

Actor (Deanna Lund-"Valerie Scott")

Actor (Deanna Lund-Cheesecake!)

Actor (Heather Young-Betty Hamilton)

Actor (Heather & Deanna)

Actor (Stephen Arngrim-"Barry Lockridge")

Actor (Kurt Kasznar-"Alexander Fitzhugh"

Actor (Stephen & Kurt On Set W/ Director)

Actor (Kurt On Set)

Actor (Kevin Hagen-"Inspector Kobick")

Actor (Entire Cast)

Actor (Entire Cast)

Actor (Entire Cast-Publicity Photo)

Actor (Entire Cast-Publicity Photo)

Actor (Deanna & Gary-Publicity Photo)

Actor (Deanna & Spindrift-Big Cheesecake!)

Actor (Deanna & Spindrift-Publicity Photo-B&W)

Actor (Gary, Deanna & Kurt On Set)

Actor (Steve's Uniform)

Guest Stars (A Place Called Earth)

Guest Stars (Pay The Piper)

Guest Stars (The Golden Cage)

Scene (Crashsite)

Scene (Betty, Val & Mark Outside Spindrift Bow)

Scene (Val & Mark Outside Spindrift Bow)

Scene (Mark, Steve, Dan & Val Outside Spindrift)

Scene (Steve & Dan-Back Of Passenger Cabin)

Scene (Fitzhugh-Front Of Passenger Cabin)

Scene (Boy Holding Betty)

Scene (Steve, Dan & Mark Make A Phone Call)

Scene (Val, Fitzhugh & Dan Make The Connection)

Scene (Betty, Fitzhugh & Val Caught In Forcefield)

Scene (Dan, Steve, Bruce Dern & Yvonne Craig)

Scene (Steve & Fitzhugh In The Money!)

Scene (Dan & Mark Get The Boot!)

Scene (Steve, Dan & Val In Drawer)

Scene (Dan, Betty & Steve By Giant Tire)

Scene (Steve Shielding Betty)

Scene (Caught!)

Scene (Dan & Steve On Earth)

Scene (Betty Is Captured!)

Scene (Fitzhugh & Spindrift-B&W)

Scene (Betty, Steve & Val-Sequence)