Digital Sound Processing

WaveCreator is an application I am developing to create better quality sound in my programs, including Nibbler. It became apparent during the Nibbler project that limited, free applications, such as Sound Recorder and Creative WaveStudio, just wouldn't make the cut. So I struck out on my own and decided to build my own sound generating/processing tool.

More or less, sound equals math. Since I'm VERY good at the latter, I figured I could do some interesting things with the former. I learned that this was a good decision, because digital sound processing is very easy compared to video processing. With video, two or three dimensions factor into one's calculations. With sound, there are only one or two dimensions.

Benefits of WaveCreator

I created the basic functions of WaveCreator using Creative WaveStudio as a model. Copy, paste, mix, and play functions are pretty much the same.

However, I cannot stop there. If your goal is not just sound processing, but sound creation, then you need some good effects to apply to your sound samples. Fortunately, digital sound creation is by far the easiest means of generating sound, since you can use nearly any synthesis or modelling technique without the need for sophisticated hardware.

All I need to do is research existing sound generation and processing techniques, and improvise some of my own. This is not a very difficult task after performing more arduous research necessary for the BinEdit and TripWire projects.

Trial Version

This site has a free version of WaveCreator available on the downloads page. Of course, the capabilities of WaveCreator will be rather limited in features until I do all the research I wish to perform. I will post updates to the website as research progresses.

If the application becomes complex enough, I may think about marketing it commercially. This may seem a bit strange in our capitalistic world: there are not very many user-friendly sound generation and sound modelling applications out there.

Download WaveCreator

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