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Legion Links Page

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Have Managed to Scrape this together, any amendments leave a message on the Forum

I will link back to Terrace Links if the bloke gets that site back up.


Firm's sites

Arsenal The Herd - Forum

Arsenal Youth Forum    

Aberdeen Soccer Casuals

Birmingham City Zulu "Warriors"

Birmingham City Zulu's Forum

Blackpool - Forum

Bolton Cuckoo Boys

Boston Zoo Squad - Forum

AFC Bournemouth BYF

Bradford City - The Ointment Forum

Brighton Headhunters

Bristol City - The BCYO

Bristol City - The CSF

Bristol City - CSF Youth

Bristol Rovers - The GHS

Bromsgrove Chaos Crew - Forum

Burnley Lads

Cambridge Utd - Forum

Cardiff City Barmy Army

Cardiff City Soul Crew

Cardiff City Soul Crew 2

Cardiff City Hooligans

Cardiff City Youth

Carlisle Utd - The BCF - Forum

Chelsea Headhunters

Cheltenham Casual Culture

Chester City - Forum

Chesterfield Bastard Squad

Chesterfield Bastard Squad 2

Colchester Utd Boys

Coventry Legion

Crewe Gresty Road Casuals

Crystal Palace - Forum

Crystal Palace Under 5's Site

Crystal Palace - Red White and Blue

Darlington Under 5's Site

Derby Lunatic Fringe

Doncaster DDR - Forum

Exeter City Sly Crew - Forum

Everton's Message Board

Everton Youth Forum

Gainsboro Migs Forum

Grimsby Hit Squad

Hartlepool Blue Order - Forum

Hereford Youth - Forum

Huddersfield Town - HYC Forum

Hull City Hulltras

Hull City Youth

Ipswich Town - Forum

Leeds Service Crew

Leeds Youth Forum

Leicester Babysquad Forum

Leicester Babysquad Forum 2

Lincoln City - The LTE

Lincoln Youth Element

Luton Migs - It's Kicked Off

Man City Guvnors

Man Utd - The Red Army

Mansfield Message Board

Middlesbrough Frontline

Millwall Bushwackers Main Forum

Millwall Bushwackers Forum

Millwall Cyber Firm's Forum

Millwall The Lion's Den

Millwall Youth

Motherwell Saturday Service

Newcastle Utd - The Gremlins

Newport Hoolifan Section

Notts Forest Casuals

Notts Forest Youth

Oldham - Fine Young Casuals

Oxford Utd - SMHS Site

Peterborough Utd - The Blue Division

Plymouth - The Central Element

Plymouth Argyle Youth Forum

Portsmouth 657 - Forum

Portsmouth - Forum

Portsmouth K2K 657 - Forum

Port Vale - The VLF Forum

Port Vale Young Casuals Forum

Preston Youth Firm

Preston Youth Firm 2

Rotherham Utd - Forum

Rotherham Section 5 Site

QPR Youth Site

Scunthorpe - True Iron

Sheffield Utd - The BBC Site

Sheffield Utd - Blades Youth - Forum

Sheffield Wednesday's Forum

Sheffield Wednesday - Owls Crime Squad

Sheffield Wednesday Youth Forum

Shrewsbury EBF Forum

Shrewsbury EBF Site

Southampton Lads Forum

Southampton Surburban Casuals Forum

Southend CS Crew

Spurs Yid Army

Stalybridge Celtic SK15 - Forum

St Mirren's Love Street Division

Stockport County - Edgeley Youth

Stockport County Lad's Site

Stoke City Under 5's

Sunderland's Casuals Site

Sunderland - Seaburn Casuals

Sunderland Youth - Forum

Swansea Jacks Online

Swansea Lads

Swansea Riot Squad

Swindon Active Service

Torquay Youth Squad

Tranmere Rovers - Forum

Walsall Youth Site

West Brom Section 5

West Brom Section 5 Youth - Forum

West Ham Utd - Forum

Westham ICF - Forum

Wigan Goon Squad

Wolves - Zimmer Crew Forum

Wrexham Frontline Crew

Wrexham MTF - Forum

Wrexham Youth - Forum

Wycombe Section 5

York City Nomads


General hoolie sites

In The Know (The Cockney Wide-boys Home) Watch out for CM at this site, he is a nasty piece of work.

From The Terraces                                               

Category C                                                           

Soccer Fans Site                                                

Football Hooligan                                            

Casual Culture                                                               

Small Minority                                                        

Hooligan Front                                                      

Terrace Culture                                      

Terrace Banter                                                        

Fight Club                                                                             

English Hools                                                        

England Hooligans                                                     

England Youth                                                     

England Youth Scene                                           

Nationwide Casuals                                            

Terrace Casuals                                                  

Terrace Casuals 2                                

Real Football Hooligans                                       

Mindless Majority                                                  

Soccer Violence                                                 

Welsh Terrace Army                                              

On The March                                               

World Hooligans

Casuals Culture.Com

England Youth Site