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Tubular Beeps

Cast your mind back...
Created with ZX Spectrum 48k. Music Box software.
If you remember, the Speccy could only produce two *beep* sounds at a time. And those beeps were unable to pitch shift or anything else.
Music box would play only at one rate. And that had to be predetermined at the start of composing!
This version of TB was composed by myself, straight from memory, (so it seems to be a mixture of the album and the *Essential* version),
and in sections (as the speccies memory wasn't the best!)
Taped onto normal cassette tape by holding the mic beside the Speccie's speaker!
The more astute of you will notice it isn't complete.. my tape was all chewed up close to the end section !
This soundfile was transfered from cassette deck to hard drive and slightly EQ'd etc by Sound Forge.

That said... I kinda like it! There are sections where I think.. Hey! Cool! How did I manage THAT !!?
;' ) Enjoy !


I have changed the file that *was* here to the complete version for those who have NOT already downloaded it.
BUT, for those who *have* I have also uploaded the additional finale.

So, to clarify, if you have downloaded Tubular Beeps before, do NOT download the complete version, you'll only need the finale!
(Also, the finale is a much higher quality recording than the 20 year old casette !! ;' ) )

Click thisTubular Beeps Complete to download.

Click thisFinale Only to download.