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This is the first complete version of the Mario Kart patch. It replaces all 4 original battle tracks with new ones. At the left, you can preview the path of the new circuits. All of them have been tested by players with many years of experience in playing Mario Kart (see Midian's Forum), and that's why we think these are the best edited battle tracks made so far.

If you use Zsnes, you only have to give the ROM and patch the same name (ex: Mkart.smc y Mkart.ips) and place them in the same directory. For other emulators you can patch the ROM using SnesTool.


This patch only works with the american ( NTSC ) version of the ROM


This patch was made by me, Carra. If you have any suggestion or idea on how to improve the tracks, or you find a bug, feel free to mail me at:
(write it without NOSPAM, it's there to protect me against spam)
or come tell to my web Carra Space (sorry, web is in Spanish only):