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My Games and Projects


Energy was one of my first serious projects. It's quite old (beginning of 1999), but not bad for what you could see at the time. Graphics were made with 3D studio, and there was sound and music. Unfortunately all sound is lost in this version, the only one I have been able to save.

Gameplay wise, Energy is a traditional vertical shooter. Though you will probably find it messy to play, it still has some ideas I like in it: Your ship gets hit often (but has a shield), you have partners instead of fighting alone, and if you use bombs or high power shots you will kill your partners as well as enemies. These features make the game a bit more realistic.

Though unfinished, Energy is playable and you can download it at the link below. Since this is a DOS game, it will not run on modenr computers (see ReadMe.txt file included), but you can use a DOS emulator like DosBox to run it.


In case you cannot get Energy to run, you can see this small demonstration video. Its 1 minute long and uses Xvid codec.



Little Turtle

Little turtle is a simple sidescrolling platformer. Designed for cuteness, though it still lacks turtle animations. Stages are large, and include an element of exploration to find all the gems. Currently there is only one finished stage. There is a stage number 2, but it's unfinished.

Unlike Energy, this is more modern and will run in Windows. It was programmed in Visual C++ 6. You might need Visual C runtime files, you can find them on the internet.


Ball Physics

This is not a game, but a small physics simulation program. You control a ball through a pattern of square tiles. You can move it left and right at any time, and also you can use space when the ball is not on air to bring out an arrow that will shoot the ball in the direction you want.

I made this program just to test some collision detection and response routines: friction, bounce and the like. But then I saw it's actually funny to shoot the ball a couple of times. Same as Little Turtle, you might need Visual C runtime files, available at various websites.



















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