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Anti-Semite Repellent

WARNING: CarlMHamilton does not endorse the use of violent communist overthrow of governments, merely the use of communism and communists and the Communist Manifesto as anti-semite repellent.
Communism is the strongest anti-semite repellent in the world. Thats right!
Hitler HATED Communists. Christian Extremist HATED Communists. Ect...
During World War 2, Hitler killed more than 20 million communists. Although it is more accurate to say that 20 million communists died fighting Hitler. That's more than all the capitalist casualties put together. He HATED communists, just plain couldn't stand them.
Christian Extremists HATED communists. They fought both in Vietnam AND Korea just to kill the communists! The whole cold war and EVERYTHING just because they hated communists. Just plain couldn't stand them.
There hasn't been any meetings between Pro-Theocracy Muslim Extremists and Secular Communists but I think we get the idea.
And where did so many of the Jewish people flee because of World War 2? The Soviet Union! Ok. They Fled BACK to capitalism after that but only because everyone in there was starving - EQUALLY starving.
I ALWAYS carry a communist manifesto in my backpack, if for no other reason than as "THE AMAZING ANTI-SEMITE REPELLENT".
Christians bothering me and trying to convert me to Christianity? Think again! Pull out my trusty Manifesto!
"Yes, but would you like to learn about MY savior? Karl Marx? You'd be speaking German if it weren't for the communists in World War 2."
His face is engulfed with a blank expression.
"Jesus was but one person. 20 MILLION, that's right MILLION communists gave their lives to DELIVER US from the NAZIS!"
He looks around for help.
"Many of us would not be alive today if it weren't for the Communist's actions in World War 2."
He turns around and starts to walk away.
"Let me read you a passage from THE BOOK. A spectre is haunting Europe - The Spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre."
He starts to walk away quickly. As I try to catch up, He says to me "You're harassing me."
Says Christians who have been harassing everyone else, including Jews, Gays, Feminists and the like since the fall of Rome.
Why don't they wanna stay? *Sniff* *Sniff* Cry me a river. Anti-Semites don't like being read from the Communist Manifesto. Come back. Would you like to learn more? Don't you wanna try and tell me that I'm going to burn in hell? Come back! hahaha.