Now here's a story that looks to me like one man's wishful thinking,
but it was an interesting read.

James Truthseeker

Hal Wilcox
From an interview with Hal Wilcox, a UFO "contactee," in the Winter
1993 issue of Far-out! The Unexplainable, the Unusual, and the
Unreal, a quarterly about extraterrestrial life. Wilcox is a retired
schoolteacher who lives in Hollywood, California; the interview was
conducted by Jim Schmaltz.

FAR-OUT!: When did you become a contactee?

HAL WILCOX: I was contacted by a gentleman who came to my home,
knocked on the door, and introduced himself very properly. I didn't
believe one word he said, of course. But he introduced himself as a
representative of the interplanetary culture exchange.

FAR-OUT!: Who was he?

WILCOX: Zemkla, from the planet Selo, in the Bernard Star. That's 5.9
light-years away.

FAR-OUT!: He was an extraterrestrial?

WILCOX: As far as I was concerned, he was a guy on my front porch,
knocking on my door wearing a one-piece jumpsuit.

FAR-OUT!: And this guy looked human? Just some guy in a jumpsuit?

WILCOX: Yeah. Just some guy in a jumpsuit, like Burt Lancaster in
that trapeze movie. We're talking about 1963, and even at that
point, I thought, "My God, you'd never get me to dress like that and
walk around Hollywood."

FAR-OUT!: Did he ask you to?

WILCOX: No. I figured he wants to know where Allen's restaurant is,
or wants to use the phone. But instead he comes in the house, turns
around, puts his hands on his hips, and announces, "I be Zemkla."
I've never heard this name before, so I'm thinking, What the hell is
this guy doing in my house? And so then he starts telling me, "I'm
reporting from space." This goes on for about a half hour until
finally he suggests that we go outside. I figured this is when my
buddies are going to jump out and yell, "Surprise!" I'm not believing
any of it. But this Zemkla fellow walks out onto the front lawn, and
instead of my buddies coming out from behind the bushes, a UFO lowers


WILCOX: Yeah. This fellow made wave movements with his hands, and a
bell-shaped craft lowered down over my house. I was one surprised
guy. I mean, I was totally shocked. I was stunned that anybody had
the gall to come in my house and announce he was Zemkla, but then to
go outside and see a UFO, and a Charlton Heston "Moses" routine,
clearing the sky, parting the clouds, I was just damn stunned.

FAR-OUT!: But you weren't being abducted?

WILCOX: No, I was an invited person, a contactee, not someone who was
grabbed out of his bed screaming and dragged down the hall. That's
one of the major reasons why I'm talking publicly. I believe it's
important for American citizens to realize that there are some
helpful, friendly human beings out in space.

FAR-OUT!: Why were you chosen?

WILCOX: That was the first question that I had. Why me? I'm just an
ordinary person. I couldn't understand it then, but I can now,
because I've stuck it out for thirty years, and each day of my life
for the last thirty years has been more exciting than the one
before. Now I'm getting involved with time flights.

FAR-OUT!: How many trips have you taken?

WILCOX: There were six flights, two of them to the planet Selo. One
flight in 1968 was the result of lots of phone calls and
conversations in coffee shops with Zemkla and some of his crew

FAR-OUT!: You used to go to coffee shops with Zemkla?

WILCOX: It was mostly Allen's restaurant. They looked like ordinary
people. Nobody bothered asking who I was talking to.

FAR-OUT!: How long was that 1968 trip?

WILCOX: Four and a half days. I had an entire agenda of what I wanted
to do. See, four years earlier, the computer on the spacecraft had
computed who my proper female mate would be on the planet Selo.

FAR-OUT!: Did you mate on that 1968 trip?

WILCOX: Well, I don't know. We got in bed, if that's what you're

FAR-OUT!: So you had what we would call "sex"?

WILCOX: I had sex with her.

FAR-OUT!: What did she look like?

WILCOX: The most gorgeous thing you could ever imagine,
structurewise. I don't mean just body structure, but mind, body,
soul, the whole thing. She was the best person suited for me on the
planet. It was a relationship that I don't think I'll ever be able
to replicate. It was probably one of the big problems in my second
marriage--on this planet--because it was always in the back of my
second wife's mind. But as far as I was concerned, I was totally
committed to my wife on this planet, when I was here.

FAR-OUT!: Do you still see this female alien?

WILCOX: No, because of the time-line thing, which is kind of hard to