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Star Trek: Beta Prime

The Year: 2385.

The setting: Earth.

The protagonist? The Federation

The antagonist? The Borg

The big problem? The antagonist is winning...


The Year: 2410

The setting: deep in the Beta Quadrant

The plot?

Earth is gone.

The Alpha Quadrant is lost.

The only remaining survivors are exiled to the Beta Quadrant, where they must start a new existence...


On May 13th, 2385, The Borg began a merciless assault on the Alpha Quadrant. Learning and adapting from their past failures, they came with a vengeance, taking system by system systematically and then moving on in a large strike force. And they moved fast! Utilizing improved transwarp capabilities, they jumped around the alpha quadrant, concentrating their forces primarily on the main threats, starting at... Earth.

With virtually no warning, the people of Earth awoke to a massive battle in the sky above them. Starfleet's Earth Defence Division, spearheaded by the legendary Silverwing, put up a fierce fight, managing to even destroy several cubes; but it was not enough. Soon the Borg's latest weapon, the pyramid shaped Assimilators, unleashed their might against Earth. As ships of all shapes and sizes fled into the air, the pale blue beams struck the Earth in a number of places, and the haze swept across the planet...

Earth, was assimilated.

Now, in space, a Starfleet fighting a rapidly losing battle were desperate. To their aid came the being known as 'Q', who took pity on his little subjects whom he had enjoyed watching for many, many years. Granting the surviving ships an escape route through some miraculously appearing Wormholes, he indebted himself almost infinitely to the humans...


Through the next several days, down went the Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, and so on; each race being granted an escape route by Q and so surviving annihilation. Gathered on the brink of the Alpha quadrant and the Beta Quadrant, the surviving fleets began a 25 year journey through the Beta Quadrant to a system cloaked in a nebula, dubbed Beta Prime.

And that's where this story begins...


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