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Lunch- snacks etc

Looks tempting, well avoid avoid avoid! And if you cant do that restrict yourself! LUNCH: GOOD STUFF As a general guide try to choose a sandwich or salad with less than 300 calories. From a sandwich bar:

Prepacked lunches Choose:
  • Asda Less than 10% Fat Salmon and Cucumber sandwich
  • Boots Shapers Chicken Tikka flatbread, Shapers Simply Salad sandwich, Shapers Roast Vegetables, Soft Cheese and Pesto in a herb pocket
  • Somerfield Lemon Chicken sandwich
  • Weight Watchers from Heinz Tuna Salad sandwich
  • Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself Honey Roast Ham Salad sandwich; Be Good To Yourself Prawn and Mayonnaise
  • Marks & Spencer 95% Fat Free Chargrilled Chicken pitta, any sandwich or salad from the Count on Us range
  • Tesco 95% Fat Free Prawn and Pasta salad, Healthy Eating Pork with Apple Sauce and Stuffing sandwich
  • Pret-a-Manger Vegetarian Noodles, or anything from the Pret Simple range (sandwiches with no mayo)
  • Any of the Costa less than 350 calorie range
  • Safeway Healthy Choice Chicken and Basil sandwich; Grilled Vegetable sandwich
  • Ginsters Szechuan Beef Wrap.
  • Any small sushi selection
  • Snack-a-jacks, Uncle Bens Rispinos DRINKS:

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