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Some Words About Myself
And The Object Of Fondness
Немножко о себе
и предмете увлечения :)


Right, this rapturous creature here is me :))). Well - me being as I am, and mind you that I like myself and won't stand being offended :)

I'm known as Anny and (as may be inferred from the site contents) an ardent fan of the "Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs", the US version of "Seijuushi Bisumaruku" anime. In Russia the series became known owing to the "2x2" TVChannel, blessed is its memory, and a thousand thanks.

As any self-respecting fan, I vent my affection along with irrepressible delight and adoration on paper. If fanfics are my rather weak side (oh well. There are lots of creators without me, really :) ), I'm at any rate skilled in drawing, this having a reason :))

For I've been drawing since about seven (or even more), and my very first creation was, strange as it may seem, not in the least the Sheriffs (which had just appeared then) but the "flying pan" (frying pan) which alas wasn't kept for the history, may you pardon it :)))

I'd better keep silent about my talents, but the school I had was good, teaching the composition and technics, the work with colour and graphics, and so on, and so forth onto the twenty three pages. What I learned there is quite another story :-D. It's up to you to decide.

I also have behind me a Lyceum of Animated Cinematography, even, as I recall, graduated from with honours. I used to enter it led by the lofty thought that someday, perhaps... :) Well, there always remains hope, tho' I have my grave doubts in the intention of the WEP company and, moreover - of Studio Pierrot to make the continuation of the 'Sheriffs'.

Since that time however I have been proudly called an animator artist and studying for a linguistical lawyer :))) (the year 2003).

Do I have any interests apart from the Sheriffs? - Surely, I do! - There are plenty of things I like in this life :))) For example, porcelain dolls, the "Robocop" movies and pastry with custard :))))) As well as Leroux's book "The phantom of the Opera", the same-titled Webber's musical et cetera. Were I to announce the full list of my passions... the Internet space would come to an end :-D

Nevertheless none of my affections could be compared with my devotion to the "Star sheriffs" as a whole and to the RAMROD team captain in particular (as the beloved cartoon figure! He's far from the man of my dreams and doesn't resemble him at all). I love this series madly and wildly, am not in the least confused of the fact and interested in everything related to it.

Any questions remained? Got suggestions?? Then write me!

floriated ornament used here belongs to Kijou Tasuku

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