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Al Massar Charity Organization For Nomads Development & Environmental Conservation

منظمة المسار الخيرية لتنمية الرحل و حماية البيئة

Our Mission:

     "To assist the Nomadic communities of Sudan in achieving a sustainable form of development."

 The Organization:  

Al Massar is a Sudanese based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded on the 12 December 2001. The organization was established  as a response to the unique needs and difficulties facing nomadic people today.  Al Massar is the first Sudanese NGO to work sole on the special needs of Nomadic people.

Contact Information

Al Massar has a number of offices in the Sudan. The head office is located in Khartoum:


                    (++ 249 11) 241366


                     (++ 249 11) 241365

Postal address:

                    Arkaweit, Abaid Khatim Street, Station No. 4,     Khartoum, THE SUDAN

Electronic mail:


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