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Don's Puzzle Collection

Welcome to my site dedicated to my collection of selfmade puzzles.
The pictures show all the puzzles I made so far.
I actualy made a couple more, but they were made after the picture.
It shall be updated from time to time.
I am constantly in progress of making more puzzles so come back soon :)

New Projects

3 Piece Burrs

Twist Easy
OCC Junior
OCC Daddy
FDV level 8.4
Level 3 Twist
Sonneveld Level 9 Twist
Simple Level 2

Normal 6 Piece Burrs

Level 1
Level 5.2
Level 5.4
Level 6.4
Level 9.3
Level 12.3

Custom 6 Piece Burrs

45 Degrees Knot
Board Level 3.10
Board Level 3.11
Board Level 8.5
Level 25.3

9 Piece Burrs

Vernon Wood
Level 50

12 Piece Burrs

Crossed Burr Level 13.4
Level 64 Eagle

Boxed Burrs

Life @ 21
Bin Cross Level 4
Level 98


Boule Enfermée



Hard Construction

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