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Do you need a speaker?

Would you like autographed copies of the first two volumes of The Kirsten Chronicles for your classroom? Would you like to have Mark Nicholas talk to your class or group?

The co-author of the new science fiction series, The Kirsten Chronicles, has limited openings and would like to talk to YOUR class. 

Space Academy, Volume One has five star reviews on both and!

Space Academy-Stargate Search, Volume Two has just been released and already has a five star review on

Reader reviews at

the best young adult read since the Harry Potter series…”

“I’m happy to see this book on the market … exactly the sort of thing an inquisitive and intelligent girl of eleven or twelve would thoroughly enjoy…”

“… well written and full of realistic dialog. Although targeted for the juvenile market, the book is enjoyable for all ages…”

“An absorbing and wholesome story … the kind of book you would like for … a child to read…”           

Please e-mail Mark Nicholas