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How A Book Cover Is Created ...

Did you ever wonder how a book's cover is created? Does an artist draw a picture in his mind? Does the author tell the artist what he wants? How do the artist and author ever arrive at "the perfect cover?"

Well, here's a look at how the cover for Space Academy was "born."

The artist for both volumes of Space Academy was Kliford, a recent graduate of  Cal Poly, who specializes in science fiction pictures. He started with these pictures of the models for Kirsten and Silver

The model for Silver was Joey, a Maine Coon cat rescued by Jane Christine. She named him "G. I. Joe," or "Joey" for short, since he looked like he'd been in a major battle.


The model for Kirsten was Amanda, the authors' niece. Amanda was fifteen in the picture on the left, and fourteen in the picture on the right.
From these pictures, Kliford began to create the book cover. The pictures below are three of the preliminary covers, along with the final cover on the right.