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Information on Depression

What is Depression?

Almost everyone feels sad, depressed, irriable or anixous at times in their lives. But severe or extended periods of time with these symptoms could be depression. Depressive Illness is also referred to as Affective or Mood Disorder and it is an illness. Depression IS treatable with the proper medical help.

Who is affected by Depression?

Depression currently affects over 340 million people in the world. It can be seen in all cultures and all age groups, including children and teenagers. About 5% of all teenagers will suffer from depression. Women and girls are more likely then men and boys to be depressed. Depression can also be genetic and run in families.

What are symptoms of Depression?

What are causes of Depression?

Depression can run in families, which shows that often there is a genetic factor involved. People who have low self image are more prone to depression. Also people with pessimistic views toward the world are more likely to be affected. A serious loss, stress in school or at a job, family problems, relationship troubles, financial worries or any change that is viewed as unwanted can trigger depression.

What are the treatments for Depression?

Therapy is a good way to start treatment for depression. A therapist deals with people with mental illnesses everyday and he or she will know the right questions to ask and will know the right words to say to someone that is feeling depressed. Therapists can also help by properly diagnosing a person. Medicine is also available as a treatment to those that are depressed. There are many medications on the market today and contrary to popular belief, these medications do not produce a "high" when taken and are not addictive.