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Edwin Howard Armstrong (1912-1954)



       Edwin H. Armstrong was born in New York City in 1912. He began, like most boys at the time, having a keen interest in radio technology. At a very young age he dedicated his life to becoming an inventor. He graduated from Columbia University and returned to take a teaching position at the respected institution. He went on to serve in World War I as a radio operator to detect enemy transmissions and earned the rank of major. Upon returning from the war he sold some of his patents and made a little fortune. He began working with the legendary David Sarnoff at RCA. He would later marry Sarnoff’s personal secretary, Marion MacInnes. Armstrong died a lonely death in 1954, when he committed suicide by jumping out of his hotel room window. His suicide was the result of long battles between the FCC, the Supreme Court, and RCA over the rights to his inventions.


            Edwin Armstrong was a respected professor and pioneer, holder of 42 patents, and the inventor of FM radio. Bet yet few people know of his contributions and achievements.


            Armstrong’s most famous inventions include:


            - The regenerative circuit


            - The super heterodyne circuit


            - FM radio