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The Blog of Levi
Friday, 28 July 2017
Time Flies
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Black Pink - Playing With Fire

4511 days.  12 years, 4 months, 6 days. 108,264 hours. 6,495,840 minutes. 389,750,400 seconds. It's been a while since my last post. I've got some catching up to do.

My coworker Ashlee pestered me into updating this, so here it is. Not a lot has changed in 12 years though. My blood type is still O Positive, and my dating status is still single.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 3:04 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, 28 July 2017 3:20 PM PDT
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Wednesday, 23 March 2005
WTF Weather
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Lostpropherts - Burn Burn
Have you ever looked outside at the weather and just thought to yourself "WTF?" Well that's exactly what is going on here.

For the last 2 weeks or so, it has been unseasonably warm here. We're talkin shorts and t-shirt weather. Late winter-early spring. Maybe a lighter jacket, a windbreaker or something. But not shorts and a t-shirt.

And yesterday at work, it was sunny. It was hot. Then in a matter of minutes, big dark clouds roll in and it looks almost nighttime at 3 in the afternoon. And then comes the rain. Lots and lots of rain. Downpour rain. Cloudburst rain! In 2 minutes, we got more precipitation than the last 3 weeks combine. It was crazy.

Steady rain from the time I got off work through the evening up until the temperature dropped enough, then snow. All night. Melted by the time I got up though, go figure.

And today, sleet/hail. Pebble sized and not rock solid so it didn't hurt or smash stuff, but still wierd.

Just makes you go "WTF?".

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 4:19 PM PST
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Friday, 18 March 2005
Mmm. Coffee.
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Borialis - It Don't Mean A Thing
So I'm trying to cut back on my coffee not only to try and cut some calories out of my day, but also to keep my precious dollars in my wallet where they belong. But working next door to a coffee shop makes it hard. We always get people coming in saying "Wow, it sure smells like coffee in here", but after a year working here you tend to not notice anymore.

Anyway I'm glad I went over there because today they had a daily special called the "Saskatchewan". I asked where the name from and they told me that a customer came in and asked to have a drink made a certain way. So the drink was made and it tasted just as good if not better than they made back home. So after he left, they posted this new drink and named it after the province in which he hailed. And apparently it's a hot seller too. (Thanks Dora)

The "Saskatchewan":

20oz Cup
2-4 shots of Espresso to taste
3 1/2 shots of Torani Caramel syrup
2 shots of Torani English Toffee syrup
2 shots of Torani Vanilla syrup
Optional: Blend with ice

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 4:14 PM PST
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Monday, 28 February 2005
Mood:  irritated
So yeah. My coworker Robert and I have this huge photo war going on and it seemed like I was winning until he got a hold of this page. Now he has all sorts of past ammo to use against me in addition to all the new stuff we've been taking. Crap. Oh well. I'll get him back.

P.S. Supposedly he is on a diet. This isn't helping.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 4:55 PM PST
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Saturday, 29 January 2005
Credicorp Strikes Again!
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Boulevard of Broke Dreams - Green Day
So I get this letter in the mail today. Wow, a $10,000 credit line. Cool! Now I can consolidate all of my bills into one with a %12 interest rate. Wait, what's the catch? Curious, I do a yahoo search for Credicorp and instantly comes back with hundreds of sites with words as "Bad Deal" or "Scam" plastered everywhere. Uh oh. Even more curious, I click on one of the links which happens to be Credicorp's website and apparently it IS a credit line, but not such as a gold visa or mastercard. It is a credit line to purchase things from a catalog at a rate of %12 a month, and offers discounts at restaurants/hotels, etc... No thanks. I think I'll pass. As the old saying goes, "Anything that is too good to be true, probably is". Spread the word.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 3:08 PM PST
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Saturday, 1 January 2005
New Years Resolution(s)
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies
Okay one of my new years resolutions is to update this thing more. Seriously. Even if its just blogging more or whatever. I'd like to get more pictures up but since an ex-friend of mine ran off with my digital camera and refuses to give it back, that makes it hard. $400 camera that I bought myself as a birthday present to me too so I'm rather ticked.

Another new years resolution, lose some weight. Since moving back to the states, I've put on A LOT of weight. I think I am eating no more than I was living in Saskatoon, but I'm not playing Dance Dance Revolution every other day or walking to/from the bus stops on my way to/from work everyday so my activity has dropped to near nil. I bought a RedOctane Ignition Dance Pad v2 to plug into my computer and play Dance With Intensity, but it is sitting in the corner collecting dust. It's just not the same playing against Dan and kicking his ass.

My third resolution is to pay off all my debts and save up money to move back to Saskatoon again this summer or fall by the latest. I've been saying that since I moved down here in 2002 but I really plan to. I'm so homesick, it sucks. And now that I have my own car and don't have to bus to work or get rides from people when we go out on the weekends...
I figure I have $1,800 left on my computer, $900 left on my rims/tires, $1,000-$1,300 left on my store charge cards and $6,000 in credit cards. So hopefully I can get those paid off, save up a security deposit and a year of rent and move back, that'd be sweet. Also taking donations to the "Send Me Home" fund. Paypal anyone?

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:24 PM PST
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Saturday, 28 August 2004
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: The Other Man - Sloan
Okay I really should update this thing more. But I've just been lazy, and really busy with work and stuff.

Work: When I first started in February, it was through a local temp agency. Then the end of March or beginning of April, I was told I should start looking for other work since I probably wouldn't be kept past the end of my 3 month contract. Then towards the end of April, one of my coworkers was let go and I was brought on as a permanent part-timer on May 7th. Bigger paychecks, job security, limited benefits, blah blah.

Car: Since becoming permanent with bigger paychecks, I have finished the stereo systerm in my car which consists of:

Pioneer DEH-P8600MP deck, Pioneer TS-A1680R and TS-A6990R speakers, Rockford Fosgate amp and Punch series subs (I think).

Also got Tokico Illumina shocks with Eibach ground control coilovers whcih Wilwood brakes, Enkei 17" rims and Toyo Proxes FZ4 tires. AEM V2 cold air intake going in as soon as it gets here, and I have my TYC Elegante projection headlights on. Bling.

Dating Status: You know, that one is really confusing and I'd really rather not get into it right now. As far as I know I'm single again because we haven't talked in 3 months. I can't e-mail them because that would look insensitive. I can't call because I wouldn't know what to say. Damn I hate this. Stupid San Fransicso.

The end.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 12:23 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 31 March 2004
Trip to Reno
So I went to Reno last tuesday and stayed with my secksay hunnee Trinity. -muah- Went out for sushi for the first time ever and for the most part it was pretty good. The only thing I didn't particularily like was when I ate a california roll that came with caviar on top and I accidentally bit one and it oozed all over in my mouth. -blecch- Then after the sushi we drove around a bit and went to the park and . Grabbed some drinks and went back to her house. Watched some tv and went to bed.

Next day went to the mall, bought some stuff, took some pictures, went to the arcade, and I drove home. Really cool trip.

P.S. Luv ya bunches Trin.
P.P.S. Del Taco rules!

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:21 PM PST
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Wednesday, 17 March 2004
Drove to Reno and spent the day there yesterday. Walked around the UNR campus a bit, cruised the mall, ate supper at Chili's and went to a park for a bit. And then there was the certain someone I was with all day...

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 5:31 PM PST
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Tuesday, 2 March 2004
Febuary 27th, 2004
So I tested for the HCSO Dispatch again today. Third time is the charm right? If I don't get it this time I might as well just wait until I turn 21 and apply for the regular force. And I finally got my donors card from when I donated blood back in 2001. Turns out I'm O+ which is okay I guess, I hate being common though. I woulda rather had something rare. Oh well.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 11:21 AM PST
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Febuary 5th, 2004
Got a new job. Started working for a local branch office of a cellular provider along the western U.S. Pay isn't all that great, but the commission really adds up, especially with my sales skills. I could sell ice to an eskimo. First paycheck was $150 and then a $90 commission check. Right on! Paid off my chevron gas card with that. 1 down and 3 to go. Starting an Affiliates Page for several products/services so check it out. I could sure use the extra money if I ever get my own domain name.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 11:18 AM PST
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January 1st, 2004
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Bowled a couple of 10 pin games then went down to Prarieland park and watched Riff Raff and Men Without Shame. Also got to see DJ Sugar Daddy spinning some vinyls in the techno party room. All of whom were awesome. Check them out if you get the chance (*Hint* Bud's On Broadway). Also got to dance (Or attempt to) with some hotties to some of today's newest dance mixes. That was pretty cool too. Went to Denny's, had a bite to eat, stared at the waitress a bit (Yummy) and came home. Maybe we'll do this again next year.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 11:18 AM PST
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November 16th, 2003
My first update in a while. Couple of new pictures added in my section and the friends section. If you want your picture added to the friends section, send a JPEG FILE ONLY to the email address below. No bitmaps or gifs or whatever. Jpeg only please. Also, if you happen to have a picture of me with you, or just a picture of me alone, please send them to the email address below too. I'm always trying to get pictures of me even if I don't remember them. Take the new poll running throughout the fall, and sign my guestbook on the lefthand side. The little graph dealie on the left is also an elaborate counter thing. Check that out.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:54 AM PST
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July 5th, 2003
Well I'm back in the U.S.A. now. Moved back about 3 weeks ago now. Looking for work as my funds are now dwindling from my last paycheck with Sears. Went to the 4th of July fireworks last night. They were alright. Angelfire decided to erase the HTML for my Friends Pictures page. So I guess I'll have to go back and redo that in the next day or two. Which is going to be a bitch with dial-up. I need a more reliable host or something. Damn you Angelfire. And since nobody really votes anyway, I'm going to postpone the monthly poll for a while.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:53 AM PST
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May 5th, 2003
So we're now into the month of May and I have less than two weeks until my Birthday. As far as I can tell, it's going to be fairly uneventful as was last year. I don't really care if I get much either because that's been the trend for the last few years. So as I approach the day marking 20 years of existance, I begin to wonder if I have accomplished very much in 1/4th of my life and whether I should pick up the pace

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:52 AM PST
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April 4th, 2003
So stastically, there's more girls that come here than guys do. That's pretty f'n cool. I'm popular with the ladies. Went and got a haircut friday. And bought some new shades too. You can check out the new picture in the Pictures of Me section. I'm running low on ideas for monthly polls so please, fee free to e-mail me with ideas. Reasonable ideas will be considered.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:51 AM PST
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March 5th, 2003
Wow. So like Febuary's Pork poll got over twice as much votes as January's poll. Which I guess is a good indication that more and more people are visiting here. Which is always good. By the way, Pork is, in fact, a verb according to the 26 voters in majority as opposed to Noun voters in a 24 vote minority. Long live the Pork-ing.

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:49 AM PST
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January 11th, 2003
Welcome to my page. As most of my other projects, this is going to be a continual Work In Progress. Which means it's always going to be under construction. Adding here, editing there. You get the idea. As a rough idea, I'm going to have an About Me page, picture page, Pictures of Friends page, Pictures of Anything page, a Useless Crap page, and maybe a Blank Page page

Posted by sk3/theneedforspeed at 10:48 AM PST
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