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Odie's Page

this shits tight right?

can u read this shit?

Cody Seguin

So you people cheacked out my page,well ill try to update latley if i can its pretty shitty ill try to make it good but i need your IDEA'S!!!

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alright so heres the 411 on me im 14 years old, I go to St James the gayest school. Ive been skating for 3 years.I want a JOBBIE i need one.I chill with the best people ever such good people.


Brent -man iv known you for how long still chillin sk8in you have something coming for you!!!

Steven -steven you fat shit your a poser you think you know everything about skateboarding you dont even know anything.

Rick -hey you crazy guy have fun with kissy.

Jordan -Hey kid we need to chill more offten!!!

Waldo -you tall bastard we serious need to chill more offten!!!

Andrew -just started habgin with you since school but your a cool guy even know we hated each other but its all good.

Nessa -Hey whats up dont really have nothing to say but saty with sanchez!!!!

Jenna -Hey hey we just meet a month ago but your a really cool person we should chill sometime!!

Shelly -dont really have anything to say to you eaither but stop taking jordan from us j/k!!

Lana -