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The Vengeangance

"bringing chatzone back to the people"
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The Story | So What Happenned? | So What Am I Going To Do?

It was 5 years ago now, when myself(swann) and my dear good friend at the time, iNsEcT, both had control of the chatzone channel. We both proudly owned the channel, and slowly built the channels reputation to be one of the favourites of Australias chatrooms. People came into #chatzone for some typical good old chatting fun, with the added security of knowing that iNsEcT and myself had full control of the channel, making it a safe and happy place to be.

It was a cold wet rainy sunday afternoon, when #chatzones fate took a turn for the worse. I was out feeding my ducks down at the local lake, when i had came back i had found that i had been broken into. What was taken you ask? my t.v? no. my stereo? no. the only thing that was taken was my file, in which contained my passwords i needed to access my power in chatzone. I quickly logged on to #chatzone, and tried to "op" myself, only to be shocked that i had no longer had access. I was deleted from the access list. The channel which i had spent hours on developing, was no longer mine. So i then messaged iNsEcT to alert him of this, he replied with a smile :), and a laugh. He then went on to tell me that i should keep my kitchen window closed, the same window that was open, which what the intruder had used to enter my house. From that day on ,me and iNsEcT have been enemies!

At first i had no idea what iNsEcT was trying to accomplish. I had reasons to beleive that he might have been jealous of my sexual relationship with ViXXeN, or maybe because im just better looking than him. But then it became obvious that iNsEcT just wanted full control of #chatzone. What iNsEcT wanted was to fully control #chatzone himself, so therefore having full control of the underground mirc blackmarket. Those who are familiar with mirc, know iNsEcT has a large amount of power on mirc.

As the days went by #chatzone's reputation fell. Swearing, obscene conversations, spamming, other languages and illegal information swapping became rapidly apparent. At one stage the sexual material shown on #chatzone made the chatroom a candinate to become #sex2. No longer was #chatzone a safe place for kids, and longer was chatzone a safe place for anyone. I was appalled at what my favourite and Australias favourite channel had became. I couldnt watch this happen....i had to do something about it.......


I started the the new brother hood known as "The darkside". This may sound familiar to you all. The darkside has been running for 2 years now, and we control some of the most popular channels in mirc. Most of 'the darksides' member to not want to be named, as this may lead them into trouble as some are undercover. Infact, it is a known fact that, 37% of #chatzone op's are members of the darkside.

In the not so distant future there will be a attempt in the takeover of #chatzone. I cant go into too much detail in here, but the sabotage plan involves the use of darksides greatest minds using the greatest techonological advanced equipment. The date set for this has not yet been announced. But please, do watch this space.

In the coming days, you, the people of chatzone will have a opportunity to join the darkside, and be a part of history. Please msg swannin mirc, or just "watch this space". Ladies and gentlemen, lets bring chatzone back to the people!!!!!


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Swann - "Putting the chat back into #chatzone"

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