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Westside Raph
Name: Westside Raph
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 227 lbs.
Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Entrance Music: "American Psycho" by Eminem
Wrestling Style: Pure Wrestler
Alignment: Heel
Titles Held: (none)
Finisher: Westside Ride
What is it?: Final Cut (Inverted Twisting DDT)
From his very first match late March of 2002, Westside Raph had something that most others have at the earliest stages of their career's, the will to win. Raph showed this as he started off his career with a win against long time rival Jason Phoenix in a Hardcore Match.That was only the beginning. He won the UWF United States title 3 days later. Raph also had a partner, Eastside Mike. Known as the West East Connection this duo would prove to be a force to be reckoned with. Soon Raph had a plan...... THE THE UWF OVER BY STORM AND LEAVE IT AS NOTHING BUT A DESERT. A triple threat match gone wrong as Raph, Mike, and Hardcore Chris where shown not as enemies, but as a group. Raph unveiled the allience as Youth of a Nation. This group had its ups and downs. One of the downs was Psycho. He joined Y.O.A.N. at Payback 2002. As Raph faced off against another rival in Southside Shane. The lights went out and when they came on, Psycho was in the middle of the ring and he chokeslammed him and soon after revealing his colors as Y.O.A.N.. Psycho got greedy and took over Y.O.A.N. as Raph recieved a beating from his former friends. This was the best thing that could happen to Raph. This gave Raph his opportunity to shine on his own. He single handedly turned Y.O.A.N. into shit and the other UWF superstars. One by one they began to crumble at his feet.Raph then goes on a title manhunt. He defeats Brad Brooklyn for the UWF HaRdCoRe Title before Kuruption 2002. The night of Kuruption 2002 has the night Raph would claim to be Mr. PPV. He successfully defended his HaRdCoRe Title and then tagging with hated enemy, Southside Shane, won the Tag Titles in the Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match defeating the teams of Mr.X and Johnny Preston, and Jason Phoenix and Brad Brooklyn. Raph didnt stop there. Raph challenged and kicked everyones ass in his way and there by recieving the biggest break of his career, his very first UWF World Title Match and the PPV Bad Dream. He also had a Tag Title Ladder Match vs Southside Shane the same night. Raph was he gonna do? KICK ASS LIKE USUAL. He took Shane on and walked away with both Titles and then literaly buried Johnny Preston's career as he hit the Westside Ride to claim the UWF World Title. Former friends came down and showed support as he defied all odd by becoming the one of the fastest men to win the World Title. Soon after Prez Johnny Blaze stripped Raph of the Title. Johnny Blaze defeated Raph in the last match of his UWF career.Raph has alot of things to prove to Prez Blaze. What will be do?