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[Kevin Stone talking to someone on the phone]

Stone-Yeah, its all set for tonight. I know its only the first night, but we need something to grab the people. Yeah, thats how we do it. We strike one of the our own top dogs. Later.

[Stone hangs up.]

[Wifebeater hits a brainbuster on Northside Nick. Wifebeater covers..1...2. JUantie makes the save. Juantie pounds on Wifebeater and sends him to the ropes. Juantie hits a clothesline. Juantie body slams Wifebeater to the mat. Jauntie climbs to the top rope. Nick is up and pushes Juantie into the rail and he is out cold. Wife beater is up and nails Nick in the gut. Wifebeater nails a dangerous DDT..1..2..3.]

Your winner...Wifebeater!!!

[Chris Oneil jumps from the top rope and misses a diving headbutt. Nino B tries to get up and he is up. Nino picks Chris Oneil up and pushes him into the corner. Nino B nails him with chops and punches. He sends Oneil to opposite corner. Chris thunders back with a clothesline. Nino is down. Chris tries to get the crowd excited and turns around. Nino B rolls up Chris and grabs the tights..1...2..3!]

Nino B is the winner

[Kevin Stone walks into X's locker room.]

Stone-Mr.X. Got a great rep as I heard. You are one of the Top Dogs here in $w.

X- Yeah playboy. Im the best you got.

Stone- Thats what I thought. So you wanna stay ahead in this business I suggest you listen to what I have to say.

X- Hey bro, I do what the fuck I want. I stay ahead cause Im X.

Stone- Right. Ill check you later. Watch the monitor. Im gonna have a special announcement. Maybe itll change your mind.

[Stone leaves.. scene fades.]

[Destroyer piledrives Plat into the mat. Plat is out cold. Destroyer taunts the crowd. He poses on the ropes. Plat is up and pushes him to the outside. Plat whips Destroyer into the steel steps. Destroyer is thrown into the ring by Platinum. Platinum hits the vertebrater. Plat covers .1...2..kickout. Plat is in shock. Destroyer is up and nails Plat in the back. Destroyer covers..1...2.. kickout. Destroyer goes for a powerbomb. Plat kicks Destroyer in the gut and hits the Platinum Face Plate. 1..2..3!]

The winner....Platinum.

[Kevin Stone comes out as Plat is going up the ramp. Kevin Stone looks at him and passes him by. Stone enters the ring with mic in his hand.

Kevin-Welcome to the first ever show for $oldout Wrestling. I know you are very exicited to hear the big news I got planned. I dont like to waste anytime, thats how I am. That is why this Wednesday we will be having a special House Show. Thats not all. 4 days from that day will be the first ever pay per view. Its too soon, but what the fuck matters is the entertainment. We want to have champs as soon as possible.

Kevin- The Xtreme Title will be up for grabs. So will the North American, International and Tag Team titles.

Kevin- We will also crown a World Champion. Before you get too exited, that is not the major title here. We will have a tournament.8 man single elimination tournament on that very night. The runnuer up will get the World Title as a consolation prize and the winner will recieve the $oldout Title. The clock it ticking. Make your moves if you want to Be the Best!!!!

[scene fades]

[Scene opens up with Shane and Lil Chris fighting. Shane hits a flying elbow drop from the top rope. Shane picks up Chris and nails him with a vertical suplex. Shane covers..1..2.. kickout. Lilchris rolls to the outside. Shane hits an asai moonsault. Shane throws Lil Chris in the ring. Nino B comes from the back with a chair. Nino hits him with it and throws Shane in the ring. Both men are out. Lil Chris is up first. He covers Shane..1..2...3!]

[X and Wyld fight in the right. Raph and Price fight in the outside. X hits Wyld with Xcursion. Raph runs in the ring and attacks X. Price enters the ring and both X and Price stomp down Raph. Wyld rolls to the outside. X and Price take Raph to the corner and start beating the shit out of him. They whip Raph into the turn buckle. Raph falls to the ground. Wyld sees what is happenning out of the corner of his eye. Kevin Stone comes running down the ramp. X tries to pick to Raph and Raph low blows him. Raph clotheslines Price. Raph sets up Price for the Franchiser. Kevin Stone picks up Wyld and tells him to get a chair. Wyld is up and enters the ring with a chair. Wyld nails Raph with it. Kevin Stone enters the ring with a smile. X and Price are up and they start to stomp Raph. Raph begins to bleed. WYld and Price pick Raph up. Stone gets in his face.]

Stone- What did you think Raph? You are just going to have it easy here? I know about your past! I know it all!Thats why I refuse to see you in the limelight. These men right here, they deserve it.

[Wyld and Price punch West in the head. Raph is down. X climbs to the top rope and hits X Marks the Spot.Johnny Blaze comes from the back. He storms in the ring and takes out X Price and Wyld. Kevin Stone jumps out of the ring.

[Scene fades with X, Stone, Wyld, and Price with their hands raised in the outside. Blaze and Raph stare eachother down.]