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About Chinese New Year Links


Red Packets


The 12 Animal Astrological Signs


Chinese Horoscopes


The Chinese new year of the monkey from the Feng Shui Institute the international resources cent




More "Dragon Dance" information


More "Lion Dance " information


More "Lion Dance" photos from Yahoo Images


The making of Lion Dance equipments




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Hari Raya Links

Hari Raya Adilfitri Information


Hari Raya Adilfitri food Information/Recipes



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Thaipusam Links

More About Thaipusam information

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Web Designing Links

Dynamic Drive DHTML & JavaScript code library


E-Greeting Cards Links 

Greeting Cards from Carduta


Music Links

Chinese New Year Midi

Hari Raya Midi


About Malaysia Links

Malaysia My Destination - Visit Malaysia!!

VisitMalaysia - Visit Malaysia!!

Malaysia's Food - Recipes

All Malaysia.Info


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SMK Kepong Baru Project Links

"A Caring Society Through Food"; International School Cyberfair 2002

"Diplomatic Approach in Curbing Pollution"; Doors To Diplomacy International Competition 2003

"Our Holidays" APEC Cyber Academy 2003

"Get to know Malaysia, Chicago and Finland"; Global Virtual Classroom Contest 2003/04


International Competition Links

International School Cyberfair

Doors To Diplomacy International Competition

Global Virtual Classroom Contest 2003/04

APEC Cyber Academy

Video In Education Pertandingan Kebangsaan 2003

Miscellaneous Links

Urban Dictionary



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