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Home Up Ketupat Lemang Seri Muka Onde-Onde Beef Rendang



Ketupat is a food item which must be prepared, served and eaten during Hari Raya. Ketupat is normally served by satey, "kuah kacang", cucumber and onions. It is one of the favorites among the Malays.  




1 lb Short or medium grain rice
4 c Water
Banana leaf or aluminum foil


Bring the water and rice to the boil, cover tightly with lid, turn heat very low and cook for 35-40 minutes until all water is absorbed. Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon, then press rice into a cake tin or pie plate to a depth of about 1 inch. Use a piece of washed and greased banana leaf or greased foil to cover the surface of the rice and put another plate on the top and press down firmly. Put a weight on top and leave at room temperature for a few hours, until it is very firm. Remove the weight, plate and banana leaf and use a wet knife to cut rice into 2 inch squares.


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