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Lion dance

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          The southern lion dance is a marvelous mixture of mythology, acrobatic skill and mime by two very energetic dancers, usually Kung Fu specialists because the dancing requires flexibility, fitness and good balance.

Kung fu specialists         

         Chinese believe that Lion Dance have an incredible strong holy power that can bring good fortune to them. However this traditional dance has become more important than ever. Some of the businessman and also households will spend some money to have the performing of lion dance. This lion dance will perform during the Chinese New Year meanwhile the lion will bless us all year round. Although there are different types of Lion Dance but in our country southern lion dance are more common and famous. That why we only research on Southern Lion Dance.


History of Lion Dance

          The story that I had known about the lion dance is more than two thousand years ago the Emperor had a dream. In her dream he was saved by a beautiful and powerful beast from evil spirits, after consulting his officials it was concluded that the beast in the dream was a lion. When he wakes up he quickly perform the lion dancing. The lion, although it does not originate from China, has been marked to chase away bad spirits and to bring good fortune to them.

The Lion Dance

          Another story was a small village in China, which was terrorized by the lion. Then the villager went to the forest and use pans and pots to make a very loud noise voice to scare the lion off.  It is said some even put on costumes that which looked like the lion. Eventually their trick worked and the lion was gone. Another account of this same story tells that the villagers didn't now how to stop the lion's attacks so they went to ask help of a Buddhist monk. It is said that the monk tamed the lion, and the lion became the protector of the people. This monk is often represented as bigheaded Buddha (“dai to fat”), seen usually in most southern lion dances.


The Performance  

The Lion Dance the Lion Dance jumping on to poles

          Now the pots and pans were changed to gongs, drums and cymbals.  The lion dancers are always accompanied by three musicians, one playing a large drum, one the cymbals and the other a gong. On some occasions firecrackers are lit during the dance to scare away the evil spirits. This ancient ritual is said to bring good luck and happiness.


                 The Southern lion dance focuses on styles and footsteps during the performance. Sometimes the lion dance is lead by the big head Buddha. Other times the lion dance will be more excited and marvelous when they jumping on to poles and walking on wires!  

              The Lion dance performs with two performers, one at the head and another at the tail. The dramatic climax of the Lion Dance is the 'chasing the Green' in Chinese we call it as a “Choi Cheng”. The green here refers to vegetable leaves, which are tied to a piece of string which also has a red packet attached containing money. The string is hung above the main door of the house or the place to do business, and the lion 'eats' both leaves and red packet. A host typically provides an offering to the beast in the form of oranges, lettuce, and a small red package namely “Ang Pao”.

                                                                                                                                                                   This gift to the mythical Lion will chase away all negative spirits. The oranges symbolize a wish for prosperity; the lettuce a wish for a good harvest, and the red package namely “Ang Pao” is good luck. Lying on the floor the leaves are 'chewed' by the dragon while the musicians play a dramatic rolling crescendo. The lion explodes back into action while spitting out the leaves. This is a symbolic act of blessing by the lion, with the spitting out of the leaves signifying that there will be an abundance of everything in the coming year.  

The performer jump highly.

The performer jump highly.

The jumping was trilling the audiences.

The jumping was thrilling the audiences.

The performance welcome the guests

The performance welcome the guests. 

Audience were enjoying the trilling performance

Audiences were enjoying the breathing taking performance.

The Southern Lion Dance

The Lion Dance

The Southern Lion Dance

The Lion Dance

               The photos above is taken by Yip kah Weng during the Chinese New Year festival 2004 in the Dewan Millennium at Kepala Batas area(Seberang Prai Utara). The performance was extremely interesting.  


The News

breathing taking scenery

          Malacca once again has turned over a new program by having 188 lions during the night of the 15th of the 1st moon (lunar month) as a new undertaking and set a record in the complete volume of Malaysian’s record book.

           Malacca Wushu’s headquarter had hold a “golden Monkey Delight in Celebrating, hundreds of lions make noise on the 15th of the 1st moon at a street near the cultural center. This Wushu’s headquarter is supported by the other 22 teams and the guild hall, has sent out 188 lions and 1500people.the event had an impressive grand sight.

           In the year 1999,199of lions has also make Malacca set a record too. This year, the sponsor organization wants to look for a breakthrough by sending out 188 lions on this day. The scene that consists of hundreds of lions complete together causes the townspeople who attended to have an unrivaled sight.

           This gathering has attracted 30 thousand of townspeople and foreigners to view and admire. There also a perfect Wushu performance and some traditional performances. The atmosphere there was full of bustle and excitement.

            At yesterday 8.15pm, 188 of colourful lions slowly dance to the stage accompanied by the drumbeat that resounding across the skies. The scene was majestic and magnificent.

The signatureThe honored guests that walked in front of the lion dance were Malacca senior officer Dato' Sri Mohamad Ali Rustan , Chairman of the carnival scene decoration Dato Wira Yen Wen Loong , Datin Chang Xiao Yu, Dato Sun Tian Sik, Sham Zhen Kuan  and the representative of each team, general attorney of International Nice and happy group Ng Gui Hua and Deputy general attorney Tan Kui Yin and the representative of the Malaysia book of record Ahmazai Nani.   



Our Interview


Our interview

Our interview


We also had an interview session for the lion dance performers at Great Eastern Mall, Ampang. Our aim is to obtain more information about the Lion Dance.

They came from the “Kwong Ngai Club”. Besides Lion Dance, they learnt the Dragon Dance and 24 season drum too. All of them are Kung Fu practitioners.  Without Kung Fu skills they will not be able to perform this spectacular dancing. They practice this Lion dance thrice a week. They believe that Lion dance play an important role in Chinese mythology because Lion dance can bring good fortune.

According to our  interview, 38.89% people (shoppers) like this performance



More information about Kwong Ngai Club

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               43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Tel/Fax: 03-8945799

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