Starkingdoms Universe
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Fun Sites

    This is Starkingdoms Universe. I've organized all the different info webpages that SK players have made in this easy to use menu bar. To see details to a certain site, put your mouse over the link and the info will apear below the banner.

    This is also the spot to find a working chat room thats open to everybody who's playing on SK. Just click on the link (under 'fun sites'). To be able to chat all you have to do is type in a username. You can also put some details about yourself (like which Kingdom you are). No signing up, no more waiting and reloading forums, no downloads required! Just pop in and enjoy! It may take a few minutes to load depending on your computer. It'll load quick and easy on most comps though.

    Also, the chat is pretty new so there's hardly anybody in it. But i made it for you guys, so go ahead and use it to your your advantage in any way you want, whenever you want.

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