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All the same pics, just none of the frills...

Justin Boisclair Steve Boomhower
Justin Boisclair & Steve Boomhower
Jed Currington Drew Danielo
Jed Currington & Drew Danielo
Brad Evers Joe Harris
Brad Evers & Joe Harris
Jake Hendry James Kasper
Jake Hendry & James Kasper
Joe Lester Steve Pullara
Joe Lester & Steve Pullara
Tom Quigg Brian Smetts
Tom Quigg & Brian Smetts
Chris Splendore Ray Tavalero
Chris Splendore & Ray Tavalero
Russell Thomas Jeff Vreeland
Russell Thomas & Jeff Vreeland

Pete Anderson never made it to the comp, and Jeff Vreeland filled his spot for us.

Photos by The FairyLady at