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Homecoming 2002

10-19-2002, Laura Sarah AllisonHere is a picture of the three of us before Homecoming 2002. Laura, me, and Allison. The three of us had some good times, and I miss the two of you more than anything in Tunkhannock, except for my family. You guys have always been there for me, and helped me through alot. Laura even helped me find a prom date that could go with "us," although that didn't work out all that well...but I had so much fun after prom with everything, and graduation definitely made up for it! I am so glad Allison is going to school so close to me; it is especially excellent when her chauffeur comes down and picks me up! I don't have that many T-town pics on my digital camera, so we shall have to add to them over spring break, guys!