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March 31, 2004
Ok, so I am back online! After waiting FOREVER on Tuesday for the computer guy to come and give me a new hardrive, he finally showed up at 9:00 at night and stayed 'til 10:30. No, the person in my room that late was not by boyfriend, although I admit it must have looked a little weird to passerbys. Anyways, after a week without a computer, I am once again back and better than ever.
So tonight I think I am going to Stations of the Cross. I haven't been to them here yet. I think I should go, maybe they will give me a boost of faith. Yeah, this whole church thing here is not really working all that much for me. And I am not feeling it at home either. I blame it on the priests, but I really don't know. As of right now, I am only going to church on Sundays because I have been taught by my parents that it is the right thing to do. I always went before because I liked to go and worship and love my faith. But now....I am really in need of a Jesus High. I think I need to go help out at a Capuchin Sister Retreat. Those always kept me happy. All I know is, I really need something.
I really can't believe this year is almost over. I have almost made it through my first year of college! It is so exciting. I will be a sophomore, and my little brother will be a freshman at...well...we don't know yet. But we will know on or around April 8, since that is Harvard's mailing date! I really hope everything works out well for him, the way it is supposed to. If Harvard wasn't meant to be, then I hope that he is ok with it; he really wants Harvard though.
Oh well, I suppose that is all for now! Peace everyone!

March 25, 2004
Ok, so Jess's roommate moved out. Problem solved. Looking back on it, I am seriously glad that I stood up for Jess because we are friends. I am not happy however that I possibly lost another friend in the process. But in retrospect, I would gladly do everything the same way if I could do it over again. So I am guessing that Liz is mad at me for staying by Jess and not her roommate, because Liz is friends with the roommate. But all I did seriously was tell the truth. I only talked about the stuff that I knew for a fact. Because seriously, the two sides of any story are not going to match up perfectly. Each roommate will have a different side to the story and it will probably be slanted toward that person's side. Therefore, I only spoke and wrote about what I know was true because I experienced it first hand. I will stand by everything that I have done and said, and I still love Jessica Cusumano.
And as for putting the paper up on our door, and not letting Liz rip it down, well that paper was the exact thing that Jess's roommate wrote on her site. If she didn't want people to see it, then she shouldn't have written it on her site in the first place. People look at the links that you put in your website, so don't write anything that you wouldn't want people to read; it's as simple as that. Peace out for now.

March 22, 2004
Alright, so here's the deal. This is simply going to be a continuation of the opening of last week's piece. But first, let me just say,


Jess is my neighbor who is perhaps one of the nicest first Bernie girls, seriously. I probably would not have beccome friends with Jess if I didn't live next door to her, so I am so glad that I am here in 106 and she is in 107. Recently she has been under fire from the other web site girl in this hallway who happens to be her roommate. Now, for those of you who know me, you know that I always speak the truth, because that is the type of person that I am. Therefore, what follows is the God's Honest Truth, because I would not lie. However, I can not say that about the other website that speaks about my friend JESSICA CUSUMANO. I wish people would know all the facts before they type stuff on their website.
Therefore, let's get the facts straight, shall we?
1. Jessica Cusumano is not an alcoholic.
2. Her last roommate did not leave because of Jess's drinking, or because of Jess herself. Sure, they weren't the greatest of friends, but there wasn't pure animosity between them. If drinking bothered her last roommate as much as that other website says it did, then she would have put in for a room transfer. Yet she never did that, or even talked to Jess about it, so how was Jess to know that it really bothered her?
3. I don't appreciate how the other website puts words into other people's mouths, particularly my roomie's (whom I also LOVE) and I am also thinking that it could possibly be mine as well. I talked to this other website author a couple times, and I honestly never said anything to the extent of what she is putting on her website. She is twisting around what people said, and what she herself said.
4. Jess is a sweet girl. She was friends with me before, but then I really got to know her during RUSH weekend. So formal RUSH was not the best thing in the world, but it did honestly bring me closer to other girls, including Jess. We aren't even in the same sorority, but we became better friends through the process.
5. I am going to be late for Spanish, so I really have to leave now. However, if people wish to comment at all on this entry or the one previous, please write it in the guest book. Both positive or negative comments will be tolerated. However, you must write the truth, and also own up to your comments. If you believe in something enough, you should have the courage to put your name to it. Like me for instance: I AM SARAH MARGARET CECILIA KALISH AND I LOVE JESSICA CUSUMANO! Peace out for now.

March 17, 2004
Alright, so here's the deal. I simply don't like it when people are mean to other people. I do not particularly like it when people talk about people make fun of people when that particular person is within hearing range. Every person is guilty of talking or laughing at someone at one time or another, but you don't do it so people can hear. Yes, I know this is kinda of like talking behind people's backs, but they don't hear what is being said about them, therefore, they cannot get hurt. But making fun of someone when they can hear is absolutely horrible. Also, not caring that the person has gotten upset is also a bad thing. How can you not care about a person? Even if you don't particularly like a person, you are still concerned about their well-being! I don't understand why I have put up with this for so long...9 years! I just really can't. Could someone explain this to me?!?
As an off-shoot of this, if you say something about a person, you should have the guts to own up to it if you are questioned about it; don't change what you said. You should not say anything if you are not willing to back your words up. Every word that comes out of your mouth will come back to bite you in the ass. This is a small campus, everybody knows everything about everyone.
I also don't appreciate it when nice people are called names that don't fit them at all.
I know this seems kind of petty of me, fighting against someone on my website, but I did not start this "posting things on the website/live journal/non-live-non-journal." But since it has begun, I must say that I will have the last laugh, or hurrah, whatever you prefer.
Just an FYI to all those people out there that think they are smart enough to beat my roomie and myself in the contest, I advise you to THINK AGAIN! My roomie Christine and I know each other really well, and we have a special relationship. I never would have met her if we were not placed together as roommates, and I have never regretted for a moment the fact that I was placed with her. So watch out other contestants, Christine and Sarah are going to blow you away!!
March 1, 2004
Ok, so this weekend was pretty good. I went out with my Big on Friday night, and it was so much fun, Kristin! I actually got out of this box of a dorm room and did something. Saturday...I don't remember much about Saturday, I think I just did homework all day long in preparation for Sunday. My family come on Sunday for Phi Eta Sigma inductions. They were entirely too long. Afterwards, instead of paying ten dollars a plate for MoCo grub, we went to BrewWorks. Ahhh, the joys of going to school in Bethlehem. They have really good food and of course my parents get to try a specialty beer out of the deal. I also learned over the weekend, on Saturday (ha I knew something happened!), that my brother made it into Colgate with nearly a free ride! I am so proud of him! I will miss him when he goes away just because he is going to be even farther away from me than he is now, but I know he will do much better at a school far away from Tunkhannock. Small, pathetic T-town just cannot handle my brother.
Also, an FYI for all you people that know what I mean (winky smiley face if I believed in emoticons). I am getting closer to my Montana sunset. I really do LOVE Latin American History class, right Emilee? haha
In this coming week, I will be attending catacombs here at the college, because our Newman's Association here does not do anything. But maybe I don't want them to do anything. I have been informed that the Newman's Association at other colleges have led an uprising over the Vagina Monologues. I don't think there is good reason to do this. I can see if maybe some of them the proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood or something, but most places are going to battered women's shelters in the area, like Turning Point in Bethlehem. The Monologues are more concerned about women being safe from abuse, and if the Church wants to stop, I say bring it on. On that note, later gator.

February 26, 2004
I didn't have time last night, but last night was the best ever here at Moravian. I found out who my BIG sister in ASA is's KRISTIN!! I love her sooo much! I am now part of the Crazy Cat Family, and the best part of it is, I still have my grand big and great-grand big here on campus. Just from one night I can tell that this is going to be an excellent three more years here at Moravian! It is just so exciting! I am so glad that I joined a sorority. No one ever would have pictured me as a sorority girl, I know, but then the girls in ASA are not your typical sorority gals. I know every sorority says that theirs is soooo diverse, but we have the girls to back up our statement. I mean, how many of us took part in the semi-controversial Vagina Monologues at our college? I think there were about 10 ASA ladies in them. We are just an awesome group of girls, and I will never regret my choice to become a part of them.
In other Sarah-related news, Janelle and I just got back from this awesome concert. It was Jen Chapin. Everyone should definitely check her and her band out. She writes all of her own songs, and a listener can actually understand her lyrics, and they actually have deep meaning to them, other than sex and everything else that all you pop-people out there listen to.

February 17, 2004
Ok, so life here at Moravian has been really excellent lately. This weekend was so much fun, although now that I think about it, I was not at Moravian all that much this weekend. Saturday was great fun, Moravian-abandoner Krystle came down and her and Janelle and I went into the city. (Just to clarify it for all of you people, unless you are from that weird section of the world called South Jersey, going into the city refers to NYC, not Philly!) So we had alot of fun just walking around, walking into doors, playing on the playground in Central Park, you know, the usual stuff that college kids do in the city.
Then on Sunday, Allison and Dave came and picked me up and we went to the mall and hung out for awhile before going back to Muhlenberg. Allison, next time Dave comes down, you guys have gotta come get me and let me chill with you guys at Muhlenberg. There is nothing here as compared to over there! So don't forget about me you guys, haha!
So then when I came back to MoCo, I had an ASA bowling deal, and it was so much fun. After that, Bigs voted for Lils, and vice versa. I can't wait 'til next Wednesday when we find out who we got! I got a letter from my anonymous Big today, and I am so excited and anxious!


So this coming weekend, it is the Vagina Monologues here at MoCo. All of you should come out and support this. All proceeds go to Turning Point, a battered woman's shelter in Bethlehem. It's definitely a worthwhile cause. On a completely unrelated topic, it is my dear friend Laura's birthday on Friday! I wish I could spend it with you, hun! Happy Birthday! And everyone should wish her one, too!
Also, today was the 104th day of school in T-town, Senior Skip day. My little/ big brother is so close to graduating, the year is almost over, and even closer for us college kids. I just realized, however, that I am going to have to sneak into his graduation if it is inside like ours was. Hopefully it will be outside though! I miss you so much Edward while I am at college! And next year you will be so far away from me, even farther than you are now. We shall have to have long phone conversations, cause all the schools you applied to have really weird breaks. Well, I suppose this is it for now, Peace.

February 5, 2004
So I have heard back from my good friend Laura at Lycoming College concerning the previous entry. She has informed me that she to will be returning to Tunkhannock after graduating. Laura, you are excellent because you visited my webpage and responded to a request! I really miss talking to you all the time! And the fact that your spring break is different from mine really depresses me. I simply cannot understand why all colleges do not have the same spring break. It would be so much better. What with all the people going to Cancun and Florida and all, I would figure that it would be easier if everyone was on break at the same time, so that it would even be crazier and more self destuctive than it would be ordinarily. Because that is what "The Man" wants to happen, as does MTV and the news channels. They would not have anything to report if all of our generation simply behaved ourselves on breaks from school. I mean, what am I thinking? I should be out there getting trashed every single weekend, getting pregnant, and everything else that they expect us to do.
Speaking of this last topic, I had lunch with the president of Moravian this afternoon. Out of the many things he said, including the fact that we are expected to contribute money to our Alma Mater after we graduate, is that our freshman class and the grades under us are more spiritual than the Vietnam Generation, which probably includes most of our parents. He said we are having more of the traits, traditions, and ideals of our dear old grandparents than our own parents. This is really weird to me. But I suppose that it is true. Many of my good friends are religious and attend Church on a regular basis, even while at college. It might just be the crowd I keep, but it is interesting nonetheless. Speaking of spirituality, all of you should definitely check out the link in my info to Superchic[k]'s lyrics. The song that I have there is thought provoking, but I also like the "Barlow Sisters." It makes me feel semi-normal about the fact that I have never had a real boyfriend. I am sure that the group is directing its music toward the high school aged crowd, so I am still abnormal in this aspect, but it makes me feel a little bit better, even if it is just fake-feeling-better. Peace, and T-towners, please continue to ponder this problem, I seriously want an answer.

February 2, 2004
Okay, so some people informed me (mainly the Moravian-abandonner Krystle) that I need to put a new entry in; so here it is. My good T-town friend Julie has informed me that she feels the same way about good old Tunkhannock. (see previous entry) She attends Wilkes, with numerous T-towners, and she finds herself with them alot, and even dating one. hehe I am glad when my ulieja is happy!! So this is all very interesting. Can any other T-town people share their feelings on this topic? There should be some study about our water in order to see if there is some chemical that is drawing us back to Tunkhannock. Because I really do not understand why I should want to go back. There is really no reason to return. I could be quite content teaching at any other school. By there is some part of me that is keeping me in Tunkhannock. I know my family is there and everything, but, hey, I am at college. I can totally handle being away from them. But, anyways, I am just a freshman in college, perhaps by the time I graduate I will be able to cut the ties that are continuing to hold me to Tunkhannock. But, then again, maybe not. I really cannot imagine being a teacher anywhere else.
So now to break away from Tunkhannock and back to Moravian. I just got into ASA sorority. Now some of my friends/family from home are surprised by this. Well, I kinda surprised myself by doing it. But I do not think that I will regret it. I mean, I didn't have that many friends here to begin with, and then most of them decided to leave or were planning on leaving, or have boyfriends that take up most of their time. So I was left with very few people. So even through RUSH, I became closer with a few people and made some new....acquaintances we shall call them for now.

January 17, 2004
So a new semester has just finished its first week. It wasn't all that bad in fact. I suspect that this will be easier than the last semester in the amount of work that I must complete. However, I am beginning to buckle down and really beef up my Spanish speaking, vocabulary, knowledge, comprehension, and writing skills. Thank goodness that this area has a Spanish channel, although I am a bit tired of Spanish soap operas. I have also started to watch my DVD either with Spanish subtitles or dubbing. I find it easier with the subtitles. My listening skills aren't that great yet.
Well besides the learning side to college, the social side really is the pits. Most of my friends from last semester kinda, well, left. Not to mention abandoning me here. I really have to make some more friends. I was thinking about joining a sorority, and I just might have to RUSH just to meet some more people. I have it narrowed down to two that I would be happy in, partially because I know some people already in them.
Janelle, if you read this, I really hope that you do not transfer next year. That would really really stink. What am I going to do without you? I already really miss Krystle, although she is doing well at Miseri. (That sounds really weird, succeeding at Miseri. hmmm) Anyways, I don't appreciate the fact that people want to leave here.
For all you Tunkhannock people out there, I want all of you to know how Tunkhannock basically ruined our chances of ever leaving that place. For the Tunkhannock people that happen to go to the same school as other Tunkhannock people, we find ourselves becoming closer with the Tunkhannock people, even if we weren't such good friends with them in high school. Most of us will probably end up back in good old Tunkhannock to earn a living and raise a family. Tunkhannock is not a bad place to accomplish these things, yet there is a whole other world outside Tunkhannock where deer do not jump through classrooms and seeing road kill is not an ordinary everyday thing. I, personnally do not think that I will be able to leave Tunkhannock. I will probably return to teach in the same place that I once learned or faked learning, depending on your teacher. How many T-town kids do you actually think will make it out and do something with their lives besides living and dying in Tunkhannock? I find myself a lot happier when I am home in T-town with my family, where it is impossible to walk into a store and not see someone that you know. I miss people smiling when you make eye contact with them. I miss seeing beat-up old pick-ups with people in camo riding around with shotguns on their gunracks. I miss being in a place where eating venison is not uncommon, and where people actually know what a four wheeler is. I miss being around people who need those four wheel drive vehicles. (Haha Mr. Chase.) So whatever happens to me within the next four years, people will be able to find me back in T-town teaching after i graduate. Once again, should I be happy about this? Peace, and think about it.

December 3, 2003
Once again, it has indeed been awhile, but an industrious college student has much work to do in very little amounts of time. My life is just completely packed! My educational calender is just a mess and don't even get me started on my social calender! Just so many people want to hang out with me! Anyways, Janelle began the long process of teaching me how to skateboard the other night. I was very excited and thought I was going to be a natural since I was so good at fingerboarding (ahh the joys of Tunkhannock study hall in the caf). So I was doing pretty well I suppose until I tried to ollie after only running on the board ten times. So the board of course went right out from under me and I fell really hard right on my butt. Janelle then proceeded to laugh her butt off because she found immense humour in it as did I. The next time I fell was not nearly as humorous however. I decided to ride down to my good friend MacKenzie's room so she could tell me how excellent I am. Being the lovely friend that she is, she then proceeded to push me down the hallway after asking me if I was ready. This would seem innocent enough if I had answered "Yes" instead of "No." So then I ended up landed on my buttocks once again. This would have been just as humorous as the last time if I hadn't banged my head off of the concrete blocks that we use for walls here at Bernhardt Hall. My good friend then continued laughing as a large bump was developing on my noggin. She didn't really come to my aid of course, Janelle ended up giving me ice for my swelling head well Mac went back in to watch TV and the like. She did give me ibuprofen later, only after I convinced her that she gave me a huge bump on my head. So it is still causing me pain, only when I touch it however, so it isn't that bad. Well food is calling me so I think I will go to the dining area at this point and time. Peace.

November 2, 2003
So here is another non-entry into my non-live non-journal. For those of you that have been yearning for another entry since my last one, I'm sorry.....that you have no life. I have already told you that this is not a journal, so I can put entries in whenever I feel like it.
So this weekend was Halloween. This was possibly the greatest Halloween ever, thanks to my Moravian crew. The haunted house was awesome, as was the trip to much fun. And that "scary" movie was well....hilarious. For all of you people out there that have seen The Ring and were scared because of it, shame on you. The story was so ridiculous, especially the ending...but I don't want to ruin it for any of you that have not seen the movie but will one day. The scariest part of the movie was when Janelle had to jump of the bunk bed to head up to the PPHAC, but I won't tell you the details of her little excursions into the night. (Note to reader: If I did believe in the emoticons, I would have a little face winking here for Janelle.)
Also, since some people have expressed a liking to my poetry in my info, I might start an Express Yourself page. This will of course be highlited by the totally creative me (Note to reader: Possibly a gagging smiley face would go here. (Note within the Note to the Reader: I am only including these little Notes into this entry because I have come to the realization that there are possibly some people out there that are not familiar with my humour and such and I don't want those underprivilaged people to think that I am an arrogant child.)) but will also include other masterpieces that people would like the world to view. Some people have those Devianart or whatever they are called, which is basically just like a Live Journal, and we all know how I feel about those. (See October 14th entry) So anyone please let me know about any things that you would like to submit and I might get around to creating a page. If you don't read this, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to make yourself heard. Peace.

October 14, 2003
This is the place where I will type whatever I feel like. It will sort of be like a live journal without it actually being one. Those journals seem alright, but they are just too popular and everyone has one. Even my own brother has sold out and gotten one. So this will end up being a little different.
This will just be typing. None of those little cutsy "emoticons" will be present to let everyone know how I am feeling at this point. Words are powerful, and I intend to let them speak for themselves. If you are reading my ramblings because you are interested in what they say, then you will be able to guess how I am feeling at that particular time. If not, then you don't deserve to know how I am feeling. Or you can then go and reread the whole entry and maybe you will pay enough attention the second time through.
Well now to actually get onto my rambling entry for today. Tomorrow is my birthday. Woohoo! Yes at 12:13AM, I will have reached the ripe old age of nineteen. Nineteen has got to be one the most boring ages along with twenty and seventeen. Think about it. When you are sixteen, in most states you can drive or at least start learning too. At eighteen, you can buy cigars (cigars smell much better than cigarettes, why would you want to buy smelly nicotine-filled cigarettes when you can buy sweet smelling cigars?) Also, you can vote if you are so inclined. Males can also be drafted (or forced to kill, whichever you prefer.) And finally at twenty-one, you can have your "first ever" taste of the forbidden alcohol. So tomorrow I will enter into the two year sandwich of nothingness. Should I be happy because of this? Peace.