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Gershwin Getting A Little Action From Janelle

02-14-2004, Janelle Gershwin Ok, so there is a story that goes along with this. I got this awesome alien balloon from this guy who came to the college. It is the coolest balloon alien ever, complete with air packs. I was having such a hard time coming up with a name for him. Janelle suggested Gordy, but all I could think of was that movie with that stupid pig, which made me think of the even more ridiculous movie with a pig Babe.Well his name was Gordy, until we went on our lovely trip to NYC with Krystle (read more about this trip in my non-live non-journal.) So this guy dressed as an alien was following us for awhile, and the street we were on just so happened to be Gershwin Street. So say hello to Gershwin everyone!

Krystle and Janelle in NYC

02-14-2004, Janelle Krystle This pic was taken when we were taking a breather outside of Central Park South. I know the picture is uneven, but sometimes the photographer just has to go with the feelings of his subjects. Janelle didn't want to sit down cause she had to poop really bad, and sitting down would have been just too much for her. She then resorted to going in the public bathrooms in Central Park while Krystle and I played on the see-saw. Krystle wouldn't stand up cause, well, I really can't remember. Anyways, on the plus side, I did get a little background of the city this way. Too bad the buildings with the red and blue scaffolding didn't get in the picture.