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Here is my pledge class on February 25, 2004, right before we got taken over to the house so we could finally find out who our bigs were! All of us were sooo excited, but we totally weren't prepared for what we had to do at the house! Let me say we were all really surprised when we saw the house from the outside, but the inside was even worse! I really don't know what is wrong with the picture quality in these pics, all the white teeth and glistening lips and eyes were too much for this browser I suppose! From the top, left to right, we have Karen, Lauren, Chelsea, Lori, Kristin, and Ashley. Bottom are, Kim, me, Sarah, and Katie.

A Crazy Cat with the Crazy Cats!So after I untangled myself, I was led to my Crazy Cat Family! I am sooo lucky because not only to I have a big, Kristin, but my grandbig Wag, and great-grandbig Erin, are still here at Moravian! I am the fourth generation Crazy Cat here now, but the sixth generation when all the Cats are brought together! I know that I am going to have so much fun with all of my family! Left to right is Erin, Kristin, and me. Wag was in Germany for Big/L'il Night.

Here is just a picture of my awesome hippie big Kristin and me! I think we were paired up quite well. And just so everyone knows, Kristin is indeed taller than me, so our family height is decreasing with each generation. However, I think it is going to be pretty hard to find a Little, when the time comes, that is shorter than me!