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MeeT TRe FeLLoNy

yo I Stay RePPiN MaH CreWz STReeT eLeMeNTS aND Da GoDDz!! I GoT HiGH HoPeS aND i'M LooKiN To Be Da #1 STReeT RaCeR oN Da east CoaST. SE GoNNa Go NaTioNaL aND i PlaN To Be DeRe THRu aLL oF iT WiT Da ReSTa Da STReeT eLiTe. i'M Da aNiMaTeD CHaRaCTeR oF Da CReW aND DaT'LL SHoW iN Da STyLe i PoSSeSS. Da NeeD FoR SpeeD Haz TuRNeD MaH BraiN iNTo a NOS SySTeM!