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I arrived in Georgia on a beautiful sunny day.
And was greeted by the woman of my dreams, with
a bright smile. I felt I was doing what was right
for me to have the life I wanted. I was in Goergia
for almost 3 months when things started to go
south for a lil bit. My ex was making it really
hard for me to have any happiness at all, and it
was putting stress on SK and I's relationship. I
decided to move back to ohio for now to give SK
a bit of a breather to see if it was really me she
wanted in her life. I left the next morning, after
SK and I's first real fight. I stayed in ohio for
around 6 months, before I moved back to Georgia
again...LOL. I missed SK so much and alot had
happened between us. From children to ex's, and
friends to foes, we had made it thru the tough
times and still were together. And that is a tough
act to follow...LOL. I arrived back in Georgia
with nothing but a hope and a dream. And was saying
a ton of prayers at night. My prayers were answered
with a new job, new company car, signing bonus
and a boss that loved me. Life was lookin up in a
hurry. but again theres always something around the
corner to take it all away. After working and
gettin everything in order. Like an apartment and
car waiting for SK to just move in. My job was
gone with no warning, with the simple explanation
being "we are moving the company in a different
path and we are sorry but we wont need you any
longer"...That was a big blow to the solar plexus.
Didnt see it comming and soon found myself back at
square one.

Back to ohio I went. And its where this story picks
up in the here and now. We have taken some hard
blows Kris and I. But we always manage to bounce
back. I think its a true strength we have in each
other. Dont get me wrong though, she has wanted out
of the relationship many times, thinking its what
was best for me. But I couldnt let her go like that
and I kept the hope and faith. I have never known
a love so true and pure before in my life. She
brightens my day and sweetens the air I breathe.
It's so hard for me to remember a time I have been
so happy. People say we have a rough relationship
with her wanting me gone and me fighting to keep her
But it isnt that at all, we know we love each other
and care about what the other person is going thru
to a point we would let it go, if it was going to
make there life easier in some way. I am thankful
I still have her, and pray she feels the same way
LOL...I am moving back to Georgia in just a few
weeks...and pray all who stumble upon my story
say a prayer for Kris and I. We arent out of the
woods yet, But we are making head way!!!...

And to my lovely Sweetheart...Kris...I will always
be here for you whenever you need me, Nothing will
ever change that. Even in death, I will still be
watching over you. I PROMISE!!!...I Love YOU