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Puerto Galera, Philippines, Sept 2003

Pygmy Seahorse.

Puerto Galera has excellent macro life, and one of the most recently discovered species is the tiny Pygmy Seahorse, which is about 10mm tall.

This was the first outing for the Olympus C4000 digital camera and housing. I found the digital camera to be more effective at getting good shots than the MMII because of it's autofocus capability. When considering the immediate results with no processing costs, I wonder why I did not switch earlier.

Post production is also faster because the digital photographs are loaded into the computer within seconds, rather than having to scan in printed photo's which can take hours depending on the number of films involved.

Pygmy Seahorse Silhouette

Looking for the Pygmy Seahorse takes time and patience. They are only found in one type of coral fan, but do move from fan to fan en masse. We found about 8 on one single fan, but none on any other fan.

There are two Pygmy Seahorses in this fan. Can you spot them? See the bottom of this page to check if you are correct.

Juvenile cuttlefish at night.

Frog Fish.





Flat Fish


These are the places where the two Pygmy Seahorses are.

Pygmy Seahorses at the top left of the above picture.

Pygmy Seahorses at the middle bottom of the above picture.

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