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Puerto Galera, Philippines, Oct 2003 Page 2

Yellow Speckled Moray Eel

Moray Eel.

Sea Snake

Feather Star.

Feather Stars are abundant in Puerto Galera, and some areas of the sea bed are covered with them, vying for space.

Feather Star

Feather Star - Swimming!

Porcelin Crab

Porcelin Crabs are often found on the underside of large anemones.

Shrimp on a Star Fish.

This particular blue shrimp only lives on the blue starfish and generally likes to be underneath the starfish rather than on top.

Shrimp on Star Fish

The Sun


Stephen performing a safety stop

Puerto Galera - land and sea

I have seen this type of photograph a few times, though they are normally taken with a large bubble lens on the front to make it easier. Because of the small lens I was working with, this took about 10 shots to achieve.

Puerto Galera - surrounding forrest

Puerto Galera

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