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Due to business needs, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Puerto Galera again in October 2003.

This gave me a chance to get better acquainted with the new digital camera - the olympus C4000.

Nudibranch. Nembrotha Rutilans


Table Coral.

Puerto Galera's coral was in fine condition and all the dive sites I visited had very healthy coral colonies. There were no signs of either bleaching or dynamite fishing, which I have come across in other areas of the Philippines.

Hard Corals.

Coral Fan.

This is one of the largest coral fans I have yet found. It was about 1.5 metres high and 3.5 metres wide.

Coral Fans

These coral fans can be found at a dive site called "The Canyons". At 35 metres depth, it is one of the deepest dives and is where a number of large bolders create canyons inbetween.

Due to the strong currents that run through the canyons, the fans grow in acute angles.



The darker coloured cuttlefish appeared to have caught a fish and was sharing it with the lighter coloured mate.

Butterfly Fish.

Latticed Sand Perch.

Notice the comourflage on the back - looks like two eyes. Presumably this is to make would-be predators think that this fish has eyes in the back of it's head.

Bicolour Angelfish

Small Fish.

This fish was about 7mm long. From the colouring it could have been a juvenile clownfish.


Hawk Fish

Lizard Fish.


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