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Divisional Playoffs

Divisional Playoff Week (WEEK 19) will ensue as follows:

*NO Underdogs: All teams are worth one point

*Bonuses Apply: Standard MNF bonuses will be picked for all games

*Tie-Breakers Apply: "Tie-Breaker" Picks MUST be submitted for each game along with the "pick of team" and "bonus picks." In case of a point total tie b/w 2 seeds at the end of the week (after 'pick of team point' and 'bonus points'), the winner will be decided based on the tie-breaker process. The game whose "tie-breaker" picks will break the tie will be decided in this order:

(1)The individual game in which both seeds tied or

(2)The game chosen by the higher seed to be the default tie-breaker game before any games are played in the case of no ties in individual games.

The Tie-Breaker picks are and WILL BE PICKED in this order: (1)Team to score first (2)Team with most total yards offense (Receiving + Rushing) (3)Team with most sacks (4)Team to score last (5)Actual score of game (6) Kicker with most total points (7)Team to recover first Turnover (8)Team to catch first interception (9)Team to recover first fumble (10)Team to kick off first

If still no winner is determined, the result will be a coin-flip.
IMPORTANT: ALL Tie-Breaker picks MUST be numbered 1), 2), 3)...etc. and MUST be submitted in the above order and MUST be submitted for EVERY game

Divisional Playoff Matchups:

Carolina at St. Louis - Huber's default TB game

Green Bay at Philly

Tennessee at New England - Kurpis' default TB game

Indy at Kansas City

So Remember: For ALL 4 Games - Pick your team, Pick your Bonuses, and Pick your Tie-Breakers!

All picks must be submitted by 11:59 pm. Jan. 9.


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